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sriyanj 02-08-15 02:10 PM

MUSIC Sam the Man
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Sam the Man - now at the Mount Lavinia Hotel

Commencing tomorrow (August 3), Sam the Man will take centre stage at the Terrace of the Mount Lavinia Hotel with his special brand of music. His four hour package of music will contain the evergreen hits of 60s, 70s and 80s and whats more he will bring the music right up to your table, to help you sing along your favourite oldies of your era.

His repertoire of perennial favourites includes hits by well-known singers such as Bing Crosby, Jim Reeves, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richards and many more.

His added attraction is that he is versatile in singing in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Japanese and Hindi. This is an advantage for him because he is able to strike an instant rapport with his cosmopolitan fans.

What's more the Sinhala hits of Sunil Shantha, C.T. Fernando and Clarence Wijewardena are added lights in his repertoire. In all his performances, Sam the Man is backed by keyboardist Thushan and guitarist Kasun who sing the contemporary contemporary hits.

Sam the Man is featured on Saturdays at the Blue Water in Wadduwa and on Sundays at the Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo.

From: Jeremy K Hillman <j4hillman@yahoo.co.nz>
Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 11:39 PM
Subject: Fwd: The passing away of a true legend of STC - "Sam the Man"

For anyone who has not heard the news…………….!

The passing away of “Sam the Man” in Sri Lanka - well known and respected Saxophone player and singer.

Forwarding as received: it's confirmed that our dear musician 'Sam The Man' has departed this life from us last night at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel, while performing.

As much as it's sad news it's also great to know he passed way doing what he most loved - singing & playing his saxophone. He was extremely passionate about his music and we have enjoyed his music for a few decades.

Thank you Sam for your great contribution to our small but dynamic industry!

You will surely be missed but your music legacy will always remain with us!

May you Rest In Peace and continue to play your Saxaphone up there!!

#SamTheMan #A Great Musician!!!

Please check out his songs and his various renditions of well known popular songs “Sam the Man” played with true musical passion!!

A tribute to a Legend of STC !!!

sriyanj 27-11-16 10:16 AM

Sam off to the States
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Sam off to the States
27 November, 2016

by Mahes Perera

A singer, saxophonist, a band leader, Sam the Man is in a niche all his own in Sri Lanka’s music industry. A Thomian legend, Sam the Man has never failed to entertain the many, Thomians who passed through the gates of S. Thomas’ College. A popular choice with them, no he doesn’t sing hip hop, funk, or today’s youth generation’s pop favourite. His repertoire is culled from the many yesteryear favourites, what they call, the ‘golden oldies’ and how! That is why he has been invited to California in the States for “The Thomians’ Christmas Party, Sing-a-long and Dance”, and as Sam tells us, he will be jetting across shortly. “This is my sixth tour to the States and I’m looking forward to it not only to enjoy the excitement of the event, but also the Thomian friendship which has always been special.

In a quick spoolback, Sam the Man’s music career spans 56 years and this will be his 53rd tour having performed in Salzburg, Austria, Canada, London, Japan, Australia, Lusaka Zambia, Bahrain, Dubai, India, Pakistan and Tenneriffe in the Grand Canary Islands. Before he flies over to California, Sam the Man is billed to perform at the YWCA Sing-a-long.

No sooner his performance is over in the States, Sam will return to Sri Lanka to be the central figure at the New Year’s Eve Dance at the Harbour Room of the Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo. This will be his third successive year at the New Year’s Eve Dance.

He will be accompanied by Nishantha Fernando – keyboards and vocals, Channa Vanderbona – guitar and vocals, Prasad Fernando – bass guitar and vocals and Suraj Peiris – drums and vocals of the group, Heart and Soul. Sam the Man is featured on Sundays at the Harbour Room, GOH, Blue Water Hotel, Wadduwa on Saturdays and on Mondays at the Terrace of the Mount Lavinia Hotel.


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