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Default 1st Teachers Felicitation Dinner 2007

Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 6:02 PM
Subject: RE: Mr K J Leo De Silva & Mr.Quentin Israel

Dear Friends,

We are loosing our old Masters who were responsible to make us what we are, one by one.

Sriyan has been always at me, wanting to felicitate all these Masters who are still alive. What he say is a small dinner and a gift as a token of appreciation.

I think it is time to put Sriyan’s idea into action to pay our respects to them without waiting to do so when they have closed their eyes for good.

I suggest that those who want to have this event to send a mail to Sriyan so that we could rope everyone in and make this happen.



date Dec 31, 2001 12:07 PM
subject Reply to G Y Des - old masters.

Dear G Y

I agree with you that we can felicitate old masters.

Sriyan is the best as he gave enough problems to all the masters and specially to the younger masters when Sriyan was a student.(Fortunately he did not have any affection for the female teachers !!).

He should coordinate this
He can count on me to participate.



Dear Lalith

Sorry I could not accompany you to the funeral parlour as I had to take my daughter for Ms Ruwani Semons funeral. When I went to pay my last respects to Mr Quntin Israel I met his new phew with whom he was living at Ja-Ela. Apart for a very few Trinitians there were no Thomians present at that time.

Attached herewith are some news paper articles about him. Also attached is a letter to Kesaralal by me regarding Mr Leo De Silvas funeral and his article about our beloved teacher.

With kind regards


Dear Dhammi,
Funny I did not get your mail.
Sriyan, thanks for forwarding the same.

I must remind you gentleman as to why in the College song they have the line
'Thomians young and old'. That is our founders had the foresight that there
will be persons like Sriyan, who will start being naughty when they are in
their old age.

Incidently, my friends have done a lot of research as to what has happened
to me "Banian". Sriyan will spill the beans at the proper forum. I was told
that Dr Watson (Malbrough) was shocked at the findings of Mr Holmes

Sriyan, please ensure that the Masters and wives are not around.


On 11/12/07, Milinda <> wrote:
Dear GY ,

I share your opinion too . Thanks for your email .

Sriyan is the best person for the task and for advice too .

Kind regards & Esto Perpetua !!!

Milinda Hettiarachchi
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