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Default STCOBA Canada This year we were raising funds for STC Gurutalawa, at the request of

Fellow Thomians

Enjoy the STCOBA - eSOUVENIR 2011, attached herewith.

This year we were raising funds for STC Gurutalawa, at the request

of Head Master, Fr. Marc Bilimoria.

Our VP Sumith Samarasinghe, visited Guru last year, and endorsed that

Guru, needs all the help we can afford.

Last year we donated Rs.350,000/- to purchase, plastic chairs for the assembly hall,

bunk beds for the dormitories, desk & chairs sets for the classrooms.

Our goal now is to raise Rs.1,000,000/- these funds will be utilized towards

projects identified by the Head Master. When completed we will publish it.

We have raised part of this, from well wishers, old Guru Thomians, and Thomians

near & far.

You may send checks in SL Rs - drawn in favor of STC Gurutalawa, we will consolidate

the funds and dispatch to Guru. All other checks in various currencies to be drawn in

favour of - STCOBA-Canada.

Please mail them to the following address. Do not send any checks direct to Guru, as we

need to compile a donors list, which will be published, without the amounts, a receipt will be sent to the donor, any amount small or large is appreciated.

STCOBA - Canada

4165 Fieldgate Drive # 66



L4W 2M9


The idea is to reach each and every Thomian around the world, hence please forward

this message along with the eSOUVENIR, to all those you know, irrespective of the fact

it has already reached them.

This fund raiser is opened till August 31st 2011.

Many thanks indeed.

Esto Perpetua

D R Weerasinghe

President - STCOBA Canada

905 238 9237

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