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Sports is Abeynaike’s family trade

By Rangi Akbar

The Abeynaike family has been maintaining close ties with S. Thomas’. The late Orville Abeynaike was the sub-warden at S. Thomas’ with over 25years service to the school. He first played cricket and hockey for the Mt. Lavinia School before taking over as coach in both sports maintaining great success in them. His feats on the cricket and hockey field are still talked about at Old Boys gatherings and whenever hockey stalwarts meet.

The NCC hockey team Pioneer Shield winners in 1994-1995. Amitha, the skipper is seated fifth from left. - Pics by Indika Handuwela

“All the Abeynaike’s played hockey for S. Thomas’ and won their school ‘colours’. The others in the Abeynaike family are Mohan, a chartered accountant, late Ranil a former cricketer and commentator and Ajith, who is also a management accountant domiciled in Australia.” Amitha is also a chartered management accountant by profession but turns all his free time to play and nurture hockey.
The Trinity – S. Thomas’ Inter-School cricket match which is scheduled to be played on February 15 and 16 at Mt. Lavinia will be worked off for the Ranil Abeynaike Memorial Trophy. This was disclosed to the Sunday Times by Amitha Abeynaike, Ranil’s youngest brother.

It is a well known that the sports links between Trinity and S. Thomas’ has been very strong in the past and to make the bond stronger between the two institutions, it would be a fitting tribute to play the match in memory of Ranil, who played for S. Thomas’ in 1972/73 against Trinity.

Amitha Abeynaike

Ovrille Abeynaike

Ranil Abeynaike

Also the annual Inter-School hockey game between Royal and S. Thomas’ which is scheduled to be played in October/November this year at the Astro-Turf in Colombo will be worked off in memory of Orville Abeynaike, who was also a fine hockey, cricket and a tennis player, who represented S. Thomas’ in 1940/41 and also coached S. Thomas’ in both cricket and hockey.
Ranil Abeynaike wrote a regular Cricket Column for the Sunday Times until his was co-opted into the executive committees of Sri Lanka cricket him from this task. Ranil played cricket for S. Thomas,’ Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC) and Sri Lanka before the island nation obtained Test status. Orville, Ranil’s father, also holds the bowling record in 1941 Big Match against Royal having taken seven wickets for 60 runs.

Ajith, while in school represented in hockey, cricket and tennis and thereafter represented CH&FC in the division one tournament. While in Sri Lanka, he represented many mercantile companies in hockey and cricket. He is currently domiciled in Melbourne, Australia.

Amitha has shown extra ordinary skill in hockey, cricket, badminton and chess from his schooldays. After leaving school he played cricket for Colts and hockey for NCC and captained the NCC hockey team in 1994/1995 season during which year the NCC team bagged the Pioneer Shield. He has also represented mercantile establishments and at the inter-auditors tournaments in sports such as hockey, cricket, badminton and was also in the Bartleets hockey team which emerged Mercantile ‘D’ Division Sevens champions in 2010.
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