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Old 30-05-12, 11:23 PM
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Default In May 2012 we celebrate 70 years of S. Thomas' College AT Gurutalawa.

Dear Old Boys and Friends of S. Thomas' College at Gurutalawa,

In May 2012 we celebrate 70 years of S. Thomas' College AT Gurutalawa.

There has been since 2007 a renewed connection between the parent
School at Mount Lavinia and the school at Gurutalawa that was deemed
one and the same school on two campuses until the late 1960s at least.
Dr R. L. Hayman was Headmaster at Guru and Sub Warden at Mount Lavinia
concurrently until 1956 or so; there was one College Magazine and a
very open exchange of students between the two locations; all boys
went on to Mount Lavinia to complete their education as Thomians;
there was one crest, one motto, one flag and colours; when S. Thomas'
celebrated the centenary in 1951 the commemorative Centenary Volume
has on its front cover 'St. Thomas' College Centenary Number Mt
Lavinia and Gurutalawa'; there was until 1959 but one Old Boys'
Association and even after the Gurutalawa OBA was founded in that year
reciprocal membership was granted.

These facts and more are reasons enough for Thomians or Mount Lavinia
and Gurutalawa to celebrate a unique link and nexus and to affirm
resoundingly that even though the
test of time and numerous circumstances have taken their toll on the
connection the Gurutalawa School is still in many ways S. Thomas' College AT
Gurutalawa and as Warden C. H. Davidson (2nd Headmaster of STC at
Gurutalawa) had once said quoting Wordsworth, "TWO Voices are there;
one is of the sea, One of the mountains; each a mighty Voice", are two
mighty Thomian voices in Sri Lanka, although due to numerous factors
Guru's voice has been somewhat stifled over the past couple of

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of STC at Gurutalawa and to
inaugurate an annual 'Gurutalawa Day' at Mount Lavinia to keep the
present generation aware of the historic connections between the two
schools the following events have
been planned for WEDNESDAY 6th JUNE 2012:

7.40 a.m. A Thanksgiving Service at which the Preacher is expected to
be the present Headmaster of STC at Gurutalawa the Revd Nihal
9.00 a.m. A special Assembly at which the key note speaker will be Mr.
Bradman Weerakoon, a distinguished product of both Gurutalawa and
Mount Lavinia.
Portraits/Photographs of Dr R L Hayman and Canon A J Foster will be
unveiled and once more hang in the College hall.

Today we do acknowledge that the Thomian Family is a family of four
schools, the other two being S. Thomas' Prep School in Kollupitiya and
S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela (that started life as a Prep School
and shared the crest, colours, song and motto of the Kollupitiya
school until the late 1980s). The latter two schools, as we all know,
were founded by Dr R L Hayman's compatriot Mr W. T. Keble in 1938 and
1942 respectively and came under the control of the STC Board of
Governors only in 1956. However, while we acknowledge and greatly
value this one-ness in the Thomian family of schools, what we are
celebrating through 'Gurutalawa Day' is something unique to Guru and
Mount especially while Guru still needs all the support we can muster
to help her walk strong once again.

Today STC Gurutalawa maybe a separate School with a clear and distinct
identity of its own. But we cannot and must not forget history and the
roots from which today's school has emerged. Gurutalawa also needs the
connection with Mount Lavinia today more than ever before and given
the fact that almost all those who pass their O/L exams at Gurutalawa
are admitted to Mount Lavinia to follow A/L courses it is vital that
the present generation is aware of our common roots. Nor must the
present generation be allowed to forget great men like Dr Hayman and
Fr Foster and what they stood for and what they sacrificed for both
Schools at a time when the stress seems to be on what we can get from
school rather than on what we can give!

I must record a word of thanks to Milinda Hettiarachie, an old boy of
Mount Lavinia, who like me was never a student at Guru, but who like
me, has got Guru 'under the skin'! His efforts to start this annual
celebration must be appreciated by us all. He is Guru's voice on the
STC Mount Lavinia OBA Executive Committee and has been instrumental in
getting a great deal of support for Guru from even OBAs abroad. Also a
very special 'thank you' to our Warden Prof Indra de Soysa for so
readily permitting us to go ahead with this event.

We hope to see as many old boys of Gurutalawa as possible on the 6th.
Please pass the word around.

Esto Perpetua

Marc Billimoria
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Old 01-06-12, 11:15 AM
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Default Guru is celebrating 70 yrs

On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 9:33 AM, Milinda Hettiarachchi <rpmilinda@gmail.com> wrote:


Your presence at the above historical event is kindly solicited and greatly appreciated .
The Chapel service is at 7,30 am on 6th June followed by a Special General Assembly .
The Guest Speaker is Mr Bradman Weerakoon , distinguished old boy of Guru as well .
STC @ Guru and Mount are established as one and the same school from 1942 .
Guru is celebrating 70 yrs and we intend paying our gratitude to the pioneers Dr Hayman and Canon Foster .
Look forward to your participation without fail .

Esto Perpetua !


From: Merril Aluwihare [mailto:merrilalu@yahoo.co.uk]

Sent: Friday, June 08, 2012 9:59 AM
Subject: Fw: Mr. Bradman Weerakoon's Keynote Address - Guru Day at Mount

Subject: Mr. Bradman Weerakoon's Keynote Address - Guru Day at Mount

Dear all,

If you wish to read Mr. Bradman Weerakoon’s Keynote Address (a summary) titled “Thoughts On Gurutalawa and Mt Lavinia” made at the Special Assembly in the College Hall on the Occasion of the Inaugural “Guru Day at Mount” on June 06, 2012,

Please click here http://www.stcg62group.org/PDF/Artic...Mt_Lavinia.pdf

Warm Regards,

From: Merril Aluwihare [mailto:merrilalu@yahoo.co.uk]

Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2012 3:10 AM

Dear All,

If you wish to View some Images of Todays “Guru Day at Mount”;

Please Click here http://www.stcg62group.org/GE_Guru_day_at_Mount.html

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