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Default Rohan Moonemalle Cancer and manioc

Rohan Moonemalle posted in Trinity College Kandy Global Old Boys Network (TCK)

Rohan Moonemalle

Cancer and manioc

October 27, 2012, 7:17 pm

I am writing this following numerous requests from people wanting to know about my own story of survival with secondary cancer, while NOT having radiation and chemotherapy.

Ten years ago (2002) I developed cancer in the ureter (the tube taking the urine from the kidney to the bladder). My affected kidney, ureter and a bit of the bladder, where the ureter enters the bladder were removed surgically. Thereafter I had radiation. I was well for seven years (till 2009) but after that I developed secondary cancer in the bladder. It was the same type as the original i.e. transitional cell cancer. The bladder was cleared of cancer tissue and a biopsy was taken. In order to check on the cancer again I was due to go back for a cystoscopy (a visual examination of the bladder) after a month.

At that point I heard about the use of alternative medicines for cancer, specifically about a substance named "B 17" which was found in apricot seed kernels. The information is in a website www world without cancer.org. From this source I learned that B 17 is found in manioc also, which is one of the many items found world wide containing B 17. But of the items which are found in our own country, Sri Lanka manioc is the most available and the cheapest.

As an experiment I started eating manioc daily, beginning with a plateful for breakfast with coconut and sambol, and following up for lunch and dinner as a curry with rice. After one month the bladder was examined by cystoscopy and it did not show any sign of cancer. I decided not to take any other treatment but to continue eating the manioc, and there were no symptoms of cancer like passing blood in the urine and pain, and so I decided to let the world know about my experience, so that others with cancer, could also try it if they wished.

Since I first informed the world about my story in 2009 three years have passed and I have no signs of cancer and am quite well. Now I know very well that there is some good and curative effect in "B 17" and also know a lot of people who have contacted me, with cancer in different parts of the body, and who as a result of taking B 17 in manioc are doing well.

One old gentleman wanted to give me money, which I refused, but he said that he offered money because I had saved him the cost of five injections at Rs 47,000/ each.

A medical doctor in USA named Larry Von had read my letter regarding my experience, on the internet, and wrote to me asking many questions about the procedure of cooking and eating manioc against cancer. When I asked him why he was so full of questions he said that I was not the first person who had used manioc as a cure for cancer and referred to Professor Manuel Navarro of the San Thome Medical College of the University of Manila who had cured over 500 patients using manioc only. Professor Manuel Navarro was Professor of Medicine in San Thome Medical College in Manila and was very interested in bio chemistry. (Google search Manuel Navarro as well as Larry Von for more information).

Manuel Navarro lived before the internet was born and so his findings could not be broadcast worldwide. However he left behind an Institute in Manila. He has written three books and read many papers at medical conferences mainly in relation to cancer treatment. Larry Von sent me information about the specific method that Navarro had used in his treatment as an option to eating manioc.

"Take a 4 inch piece of raw manioc or cassawa, about 2 to 3 inches in diameter, clean it and cut it up into small pieces and place them in a blender, with two measuring cups of water (two large cups) for two minutes. The blended liquid becomes like milk. Pour it into a tall glass container and keep in a fridge for two hours. The white part (mainly carbohydrate) settles down at the bottom. Gently pour out the supernate (the colourless water on top) and drink half in the morning and half in the evening."

This was Navarro’s method of isolating and extracting the "B 17" . The extract is specially suitable for diabetics, because the sugar component has been left out. It is also suitable for children with cancer. It could be made palatable with fresh orange juice or lemon juice added.

I hope this information will help some people, especially those who have to pay but cannot pay the fabulous prices for cancer drugs. Yet they strive to buy with great difficulty and end unsuccessfully.

Dr. Cynthia Jayasuriya - (E mail <wilfredjayasuriya@yahoo.com)
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