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DSA Era Group 1959 to 1976, those under Wardens Davidson, Selveratnam and Annadanayagam

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Old 18-11-16, 10:22 PM
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Default Contact info for Mr. B.D.Jayasinhe


Given below the contact information for Mr Bernard D Jayasinhe.
He was a Trinitian and represented the school at Hockey and Cricket.
When he was in Sri Lanka around 2000 he visited his Hockey Captain Mr T B Pethiyagoda former Chairman of State Plantations Corporation with me.
At College he was the Wood House master after Mr V P Cook, was the 2nd X1 Cricket coach. He is responsible for introducing Chess at College.
We wish him good health.

Now Mr B D Jayasinha has moved from his flat and is with the daughter Mrs Chandraleka Jayasundera
66, Applecure Cresent,
Brampton, Ontario L6R OV9, Canada
Tel; 00 1 905 719 1349.
Email; "chani99@hotmail.com"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eddie Appathurai <eddie_appathurai@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 10:52 PM
Subject: Contact info for Mr. B.D.Jayasinghe former master at STC

Hi everyone
If you wish you could write an email to his daughter Chandraleka who will print and pass on to him. chani99@hotmail.com

On Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 12:40 AM, <thangavelujayakumar@gmail.com > wrote:
Dear Valli
I called the number you gave. His daughter Chandraleka answered.
She said he could not speak today as his hearing aid given for repairs would be received only tomorrow
He is 93 years old, walks with the aid of a walker, suffers from Arthritis, diabetes and pressure
He does not have a computer but the daughter said she could receive your letter on her email "chani99@hotmail.com" print and give it to him
I will pass his contact details to others

From: Ranjan Weerasinghe <weeradr_singhe777@yahoo.ca>

Date: Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 11:02 PM
Subject: Re: Contact info for Mr. B.D.Jayasinhe former master at STC

Hello Sriyan

I phoned his daughter - Chandralekha, left a msg to
call me back. This was in the night about 9pm.
After a few minutes I received a call said " This is Dhananjaya
Jayasinghe, you phoned and left a msg"
I said yes, is that Mr Bernard Jayasinghe
Yes -
I knew I had hit the jackpot.

So I introduced my self, well he could not remember, anyway
he remembered my bothers, VM & DK
Then I told him " what Sir we were neighbors in Mt Lavinia and still
you cannot remember me" after sometime he said " you were the Monitor
in his class" honestly I could not remember but I said "YES" and the
rest of me was mentioned. Still no clicks.

Anyhow about 5 years ago, Mr JMVLPeiris visited Toronto, he stayed with me.
Hiran Adhihetty, myself and Rangan - along with Mr Thambidorai,
Mr Sivanganam and Mr BDJ - we took them on a field trip to the Niagara
Falls - I sent photos at that time - This he remembered very well, and wanted to know are you " that fellow" to which I said "Yes" - which opened up another
chapter in our conversation. Somehow those photos, I cannot find in me hard drive - yeah me no nerd - if anyone got them please send me a copy.

For almost one hour he was on the phone with me. He said he is now
93 years old, and going on 94. Said he is with the Lord now. He does not
regret anything in life, he has not harmed anyone during his long life and that
he is with the Lord.

He said I know of my nickname, I have to live with it, wants to know if I knew
"Veddah" for sure everyone knows the original "Veddah", apparently he is the one who was instrumental in the nickname, which stuck like glue.

I invited him as well as the daughters for the STCOBA Canada Christmas
Party, which was held on Dec 3rd - unfortunately he could not make it.

He was talking about a letter he received from Dr Sarath Seneviratne, full
of praise, said that the Dr was a sportsman and an academic - for sure we
all know - its a pleasure Dr Sarath.

The next day I received a call from Chandralekha - at least she left a long
message for me, as I was out - in which she said that her father is very
feeble, unsteady and unable to make it for the Christmas party - yes, although
we could have arranged for transport, the risk would have been too great, this was conveyed to some of those present last night.

I am prepared to visit him, along with a few sane Old Thomians, who did not
harass or riot in his class, as the memory get flash backs, mention of names
like "Veddah", will be critical at this late stage of his life, So I am open let me know, anyhow I must get his daughters permission.

You guys can phone him at the number that was posted - 905 458 1599
please guys make sure not to agitate him.

Sriyan - you are free to to post this on the tyretracks.

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Default Mail from Chandralekha- Mr B D Jayasinha's daughter.

From: Chan <chani99@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 4:52 AM
Subject: Bernard Jayasinha's picture (with Gr.Grnd. daughter)
To: Sriyan jayasekera <stc.prefects.group@gmail.com>

Hi Sriyan,

I read your email messages and printed out all of it and gave it my my father. He was asleep. but later I saw him reading them so intensely!

I told him to write a letter to all of you and I can email it. He is not that feeble. But he needs a walker to walk. He is feeble in that way. His memory is pretty good. Better than mine!

I am forwarding a very recent picture of him with his great grand daughter. It was taken in August. thats four months ago. He went to his 6 year old little Great Grand Daughter, Nevaeh's graduation. From Kindergarten to grade one!

Of course you can visit him.He would be happy. If you would let me know earlier, as I am also out of the house all the time. My father takes a long time to make up his mind. But he would love it, I am pretty sure.

Thanks a lot for the letters, messages and everything. I can remember, you took him to something to do with STC.

Thanks again,


Bernard Jayasinha's picture (with Gr.Grnd. daughter)

From: Sriyan Jayasekera <stc.prefects.group@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 2:38 AM
Subject: Re: Bernard Jayasinha's picture (with Gr.Grnd. daughter)

Dear Chandraleka,

Thanks very much for your mail.

In school your father was my House Master.
I could remember an incident where he showed the entire school how to show gratitude to a retiring Warden when the entire staff was against having a farewell. There were two other teachers who were of the view that a farewell for the departing Warden should be held. They were Messes T. Listern Mendis & Godfrey Senaratna.
I was his House Secretary in 1969, he called me up and told me that our Warden is leaving and as traditionally done he is not getting a farewell from the staff. This is going to be a black mark for the Thomians and will be a very noble act if we could organize a farewell from our house. I agreed and he said he will do a draft of a letter highlighting all the good things this warden had done, for me to cyclostyle and distribute to all our house members.Farewell was held by the House members and we invited the entire staff but only three teachers were present. With this brave act he showed Thomians how to show gratitude to teachers.
At the College Farewell the head Prefect for his speech read out extracts of the letter prepared by your father.

I spotted him at Green path, Colombo when he was in Colombo last and was able to meet him a few times.
That is the time he wanted to meet his Hockey captain and I was able to arrange a meeting.

He is single handedly responsible for promoting chess in schools. He used to buy old X tray paper and make chess boards.
I am in touch with one of his very close associates at college Mr W G Sugathadasa. Attachment has his photo with Mr & Mrs Thambiturai and Mr Nimal Jayawardena from the office staff.

I wish him good health.


From: Godfrey Senaratne <g.sena@optusnet.com.au>

Date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 6:27 AM

Dear Sriyan and Chandraleka,
Thank you for the email(s) re Mr Bernard Jayasingha .
He was my Teacher for Chemistry in the L6 and U6.
His classes were interesting and lively.
And a few other things;
A good sportsman (e.g.. Tennis player)
A Dance Instructor
Interested in Yoga (I believe he started a Yoga Club)
and of course ,The Chess Club and Wood House -House Master.
Underneath it all, Mr Bernard Jayasingha was&is ,
a kind and deeply spiritual gentleman with a fine sense of ‘doing the right thing’-and a lovely sense of humour.
In my teaching years at my Alma Mater, I always found him to be ‘an ideas-person’ and an interesting conversationalist.
‘God Bless you Sir, Mr Bernard Jayasingha'.
(I was delighted to meet Mr/Mrs Sarath Jayasingha , at the recent STC OBA (Aus) , (Christmas) Dance , in Melbourne.)

Kind Regards
Godfrey Senaratne

From: Mevan Pieris <mevanpieris@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 6:09 PM

Dear Chandraleka,

Please be kind enough to pass the following message to Mr BD Jayasinghe.

Dear Sir,

Iam so happy to be able to address to you this short message via your daughter, thanks to the information received recently on your whereabouts.
Sir, if your memory would serve you well, I was taught by you during my middle school days. I think you taught me some maths and chemistry. I am Mevan Pieris ( HSM) who played in he victorious Thomian team of 1964 captained by Premalal Gunasekere. I also played the subsequent year captained by Sarath Seneviratne. Along with Barney Reid I had the honour of bowling out your school at Asgiriya, within two hours for a very small score. You may also remember me as a Sri Lankan cricketer. I also taught A-level chemistry for an year after graduating, when Mr SJ Anandanayagam was warden.

Sir, after four decades in the busy polymer product manufacturing organizations, I have now retired from organizational life but still leads a very busy life. I do a lot of teaching at the Institute of Chemistry and university of Colombo as a visiting lecturer in polymer chemistry & technology. In addition I do a bit of agriculture on three properties I own. These days I am growing some pineapple plants as well.In addition I do a bit of oil painting.

How are you sir ? You must be finding the winter very cold and uncomfortable. I guess you are used to it by now. I can well remember you playing a good game of tennis at the YMCA, Mt Lavinia. Sir, the courts are still there and just the same. I think you used to wear a cap when playing. Hope all's well with you and you are in good health.May God bless you.

with warm regards
Mevan Pieris

From: Malkey Rent-A-Car: An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company <info@malkey.lk>

Date: Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 7:58 AM

I fondly remember Mr. B.D. Jayasinghe as a respected teacher who helped students both in classroom learning and sports activities.

With Best Wishes and Grateful Thanks

Mahesh Mallawaratchie
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Default with Mr Bernard Jaysinghe in Brampton.canada.

From: dhammika jayasuriya <pragunadd@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 8:04 PM
Subject: with Mr Bernard Jaysinghe in Brampton.canada.

Warden sir, and Dear Friends,
Thanks To my team mate Russell was fortunate to travel quite a mile and see our respected Mr BJ ( Known As Pan pan) he loved to see us and in a happy mood mentioned how Thomians always played to win. At 94 he is fine well looked after and has a great memory of college days his nick name Pan Pan & his house at Abeywickrame AV.
his Daughter helped him to revive his memories at trinity and we never knew he played cricket ,hockey + a member of the public schools champion relay team.
Esto Perpetua.
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