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Royal Thomian Match Stories and memories of the greatest match ever

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Default Family members at Cricket

1) In the family

2) Hatric in the family

In the family
1) The brothers M. Saravanamuttu (1914) and S. Saravanamuttu (1918), both captained the College team in their respective years, while their brother P. Saravanamuttu played for College (1910-1912).
2) R.L. DeAlwis (1946) and his son R.G DeAlwis (1976-77) and L.K. De Alwis (1978-81) were wicket keepers of the Thomian XI in the respective years.

3) The brothers Sasi Ganeshan and Ajith Ganeshan were both members of the Thomian XI in the years 1974-76.

4) In 1976 Sasi Ganesgan captained the side while his brother Ajith Ganeshan was the Vice Captain.

5) The brothers Sasi Ganeshan (1976) and Ajith Ganeshan (1977) captained the Thomian XI in the respective years.

6) The brothers Dammika Bulankulame (1984-108) andAnura Bulankulame (1987-101), both scored centuries for S. Thomas'.

7) P.N.W Goonesekara(1964) and his son S.N.W. Goonesekera (1992) both captained College.
8) P.B. Bulankulama (1919-20), and his son Patchy Bulankulame (1956) and Grand#oops#son Suresh Bulankulama (1989-90) all kept wickets and opened batting for S. Thomas'

9) Ashmore Peiris was a left arm spinner in the team (1923), while his son Mevan Peiris (1964-65) and his grandson Nilanka Peiris Snr. (1994-95) opened bowling for S.Thomas.'

10) F.T.Ellawala ( 1880-1882) and his sons W.T. Ellawala (1911-1912) and R.S.Ellawala (1915 -1916) all played for S. Thomas'.

11) E. Wanduragala (1908-1912) and his son P. Wanduragala (1960-1961) represented College at the Big Match.

12) R.S. De Saram (1915-1917) had the privilege of playing for S. Thomas' and his son M. De Saram did the same in 1945.

13) H. Seneviratne (1918-1920) and his son S.B. Seneviratne (1962-1965) represented S. Thomas' at the Battle of the Blues. S.B. Seneviratne also captained College in 1965.

14) D. Fairweather played the Big Match from 1932-1936 and also captained College in 1936 while his son M. Fairweather played from 1960-1961.

15) O.A. Abeynaike represented S. Thomas' in 1941 and his son R.G. Abeynaikedidthe palyed during 1971 -1973 and captained the College in 1973.

16) R.A.H. Gooneratne (1947) and his son D. Gooneratne (1984) both played for Col#oops#lege at the highest level.

17) G..L.W. Wijesinghe played from 1952-1954 while his son S. R Wijesinghe played in 1977, 1979 and 1980 for S. Thomas'. His brother Wijesinghe did the same in 1993 and 1994.

18) M.H. Tissera played Cricket for S. Thomas' from 1954 to 1958 and was the captained in 1957 and 1958. His sons G. Tissera 1983-1984 and D. Tissera (1990-1992) had this opportunity as well.

19) A. Medonza played in 1961 and 1962 while his sons D. Medonza (1993) and S. Medonza (1997-1998) played in their respective Big Matches.

20) P. Serasinghe wore the Blue and Black jersey in 1965 and his son A. Serasinghe shared the honour in 1990 and 1991.

21) L.R.D. Mendis wore the Blue Black jersey from 1970 and 1972 scoring Centuries in both 71 & 72. He also captained the side in 1972. His nephew B.C. M.S. Mendis represented College from 1991 to 1994 scoring two centuries and one half century. He too captained the side in 1994. L.R.D. Mendis's son R.S Mendis (2003-2005) vice captained the winning side in 2005 while scoring a half century.

22) Dr. RV. Foenander (1833-85) and his son Dr. F.J.T. Foenander (1916) both played for the 1st XI team.

23) Late Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake (1901-02) and two sons Dudley (1927-29) and Robert (1928-32) Senanayake all had the honour of wearing the Blue and Black blazer.

24) J.A. Rambukpotha (1894-1897) and his son P.H. Rambukpotha (1921 -22) both played for the 1st XI team in the early century of the Royal - Thomian.

25) A Selvaratnam (1913-14) and his two Sons R.S. Selvaratnam (1942-44) and H.S. Selvaratnam (1944) all represented college in 1st XI cricket

26) P. Saravanamuttu (1910-12) and his son C.S. Saravanamuttu (144-45) and B.S. Saravanamuttu (1941) all made College proud in cricket at the highest level.

27) A.H. Molamure (1907) and his son A.F. Molamure (1940-41) have both kept the College flag flying as they played in the 1st XI cricket team.

28) A.S. Eliyatamby (1900-1904) and his son R. Eliyatamby (1932) both were top order batsmen for College.

29) E.N. Abeykoon (1895 96) and son M.A. Abeykoon (1925-1927) both had the honor of wearing the College 1st XI caps.

30) Arthur Bulnerís (1892) grandsons P.I. Peiris and David Peiris played for College between 1950 and 1954. P.I. Peiris captained the College team in 1953. P.I. Peiris further went on to represent Sri Lanka as well. C.H.F. Peiris, uncle of P.I. Peiris also played for College in 1991. Athur Bulner's great grandsons Johan Peiris (son of David Peiris) and Ranil Peiris (son of P.I. Peiris) played for College between 1979-1983.

31) E.A. Elapata (1885-89) and his son S. Elapata (Snr) (1915-1917) played for College. His grandson U. Katugaha played for College in 1945.

32) S. Elapata (1915-1917) (Snr)'s sons S. Elapata (Jnr) (1941-44) and E. Elapata (1945) played for College.

33) R.A.H. Cooneratne (1947) and son R.D.H. Goonerame (1984) played for College.

34) G..D.S. Peiris was the Secretary of the side in 1974. His son H.S. Peiris (199-2002) played for College and was vice-captained the side in 2002.

Hat trick in the family

1) J.S. De Saram (1879) and his two sons J.G. De Saram (1911-1913) and the late Warden Cannon R.S. De Saram (1915-1917) as well as his grandson M. de Saram (1945) all had the privilege of wearing the Blue-Black blazers. Both J.S. and J.G. De Saram captained the team.

2) E.A. Elapata (1886-89) and his son Sam Elapata (1915-1917) and his two grand#oops#sons S. Elapata and E. Elapata (1941 -1945) and Upali Katugaha (1945-47) all represented the College. E.A. Elapata captained the side in 1888 and 1889.

3) W.B. De Saram (1881-1885) who captained the team in 1884 and 1885 and his son C.F.W. De Saram (1923) and Grandson W. Jayatileke (1935-1937) all represented College cricket at the highest level. W. Jayatileke's father Ric Jayatileke played in the 1917

4) Ashmore Peiris was a left arm spinner in the team (1923), while his son Mevan Peiris (1964-65) and his grandson Nilanka Peiris Snr. (1994-95) opened bowling for S. Thomas'.

5) A.H. Molamure played in 1907 while his son A.F. Molamure played in 1940 and 1941. His grandson F. Molamure represented College from 1981 -1982.

6) P.B. Bulankulame (Snr.) played from 1917-1920 and went on to captain the side in 1919 and 1920. His son P.B. Bulankulame (Jnr.) did the same from 1954-1956. P.B. Bulankulame (Jnr.)'s son D. Bulankulame (1983-1984) is one of three Thomian's to have scored a century and a half century in the same match. His other son A. Bulankulame (1986-1988) captained the victorious College team in 1988 while A. Bulankulame's brother S. Bulankulame played for College from 1988-1990.
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