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Default G R Pathmaraj Cinemas Ltd Managing Director, Producer

Tamil films, local films lose privileges

What happens now cinema halls? They are often applied to run pāḍupiṭa. Corporation tax was paid twice every theater, those who tax and entertainment tax by the new procedure should be canceled.

Only the Tamil Cinema halls' E 'film' given permission to install the technology, and now most of the Tamil sinamāśālā 'e' technology execution. This is merely a South Indian Tamil film producers to help them while the song is deaf harps, although that has threatened the cinema industry. SI that apparently clear that Tamil films have been installed f cinema halls. Sinhala cinema 'E' ​​- first, to establish the cinema completely rejected all appeals. Film Corporation was informed that for whatever reason, it can not be permitted. Minister last Lanka during this happen, the National Film Corporation Chairman, Legal Officer, Malini Fonseka, Ravindra gold, a slithering and Mrs. abhimukhayēdiya Francaise d. South Indian film producers their 'e' - When you need anything on film composition regulations forced Panetta and National Film Corporation This allowed the silence.

But what has happened today? Forty sinamāśālā displaying Crow (40) is the maximum time between the most privileged sinamāśālā same city. For example, in Anuradhapura, "Carey" movie theaters at the same time three (03) to display matches. Why not take this opportunity cinema producers? Copies of films based technology (a print DIET s) English movies expending disproportionate to the nose producers have lost this privilege. Related Infections Faulkner da version cost two hours (02) The appointment of nearly Rs 170,000 / -, and digital cinema technology packages ḍīsīpī the cost is Rs 5,000 / - in su`e. However, the Tamil film processors by e cinemas illegally displaying movie with Tamil films apparently digital cinema technology packages to Rs 20,000 / - will be charged. The "E" movie film copies of 10 or 15 per month, they apparently 300,000 / - (three million) earns about. This is done without any digital p s ṭupasa gates.

Sinamāśālā sixty (60) by the Corporation will employ a staff of 132 for distribution over. Sinamāśālā thirty (30) million for the maintenance of the private sector workers employed ten (10) were only due to the number of employees Film Corporation twenty (20) can be reduced. The Corporation has allocated 100 redundant service. One redundant worker is paid Rs. 30, 000 / - to the amount of its employees (100) million were paid to three (3) maternity. It is thirty six million years ago (36) million. The unnecessary expenditure of resources is clear that destruction cinema industry.

India is currently used by security tools (is second handsets, servers) brought the present process since the breakdown frisk "E" has been issued for the film 'E' all film permits should be canceled.

What happens in the Tamil film industry? It has become an international monopoly. No marking is possible to buy movies and south India. Because of one or two persons who buy Crow paid high prices veḷan̆dapolavalvalin International, one does not have the ability to come off for them. Lanka should be made ​​through the source of monopoly imported films. The monopolies suppliers is more than 35 million movies have been paid as advance. Knows full well that the National Film Corporation. Is able to get before a screening of the film producer Skip advance so? He doyituvakvat copper and not receiving the blessings of the National Film Corporation, from theaters to collect the money would have managed to maintain the monopoly of these. Millions are paying for this type of film every sinamāśālāvakma.

The place is another unfair trade practice has been to some sinamāśālā defaulting paying commissions Cabinet has approved to change the price of tickets by the National Film Corporation guidelines ignore, upon provinces sinamāśālā from commission percentage over the change of a few. And South Indian film producers who screened their films one day, and gathered money in advance of their National Film Corporation, earning maximum help reduce their losses can the risks directly or indirectly provided respectively while.

Under the guise of another a bad habit if aid of videos and special VIP "for the Midnight Showings, prior to be released by ordinary tickets than doubled or tripled, movies to. Records shed successful Tamil films screen to process of national films prices not approve Corporation, Rs. 450 / - to Rs. 500 / - to buy black market traders in the cinema hall in excess of those tickets. prēkṣayinṭada Crow is unfair.

Why not allow the corporation to film? Advance payment before they have been unable to supply the motion in the other shareholders, because of their money, sinamāśālā allocated to that connection. Team monopoly supplier of money sent to India to collect money from all sinamāśālā, has minimized their risk.

Complete 200 million a year to pay the phenomenon arose why the Tamil film producers? Producers advance payment in advance? What is this monopoly? Which should be? Not to conduct screening in the same?

So do not stop Corporation Certified to be in the same screen for movies imported to Sri Lanka?


G R Pathmaraj
Cinemas Ltd
Managing Director, Producer

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