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Old 16-09-17, 08:27 PM
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Default Dr Sarath Abeykoon

To The Freshmen of 59,

It is with sadness we note the passing away of Oncologist, Dr Sarath Abeykoon.
S. Thomas' College had lost one of his greatest sons who brought great honnour and fame not only to the school but to the entire country.

He was attached to the Maharagama, Cancer Hospital for a long time and presently was working for the Ceylinco Cancer Center at Park Road.

When he was in School was the Head Prefect in 1971.
Senior Prefect of the Boarding House.
Tent Secretary, Royal Thomian Cricket Match.
Asst Secretary, English Literary and Debating Society.
Represented the College at Hockey, Athletics, Basket Ball and was the Fives Captain.
Was the recipient of The Victoria Jubilee Gold Medal for the Best All-Round Student.

Wife Lakshmi, is with the daughter Chaturi, in Australia and the funeral details will be on the below link.

May his sansara wanderings will be short and attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana.

With kind regards

on behalf of The Freshmen of 59.

On Sep 16, 2017 09:15, "Prabodha Kariyawasam" <pldkari@gmail.com> wrote:

Our very dear friend Dr Sarath Abeykoon died in a car crash today.

We still cant believe it's true.

According to what Renga told me,he had gone to his usual Supermarket in Boralesgamuwa & had a blackout there.The Staff there had immediately wanted to get down an Ambulance but he had turned it down & insisted on driving himself.No sooner he had reached the junction a vehicle had slammed into him & it's very likely he had suffered a second blackout at that time & lost control.He had passed away by the time the Ambulance arrived.

Lakshmi & daughter are in Australia & are rushing back.

How cruel this life is for it to happen to the most decent person you could find on this Planet.

Send the message round.

With much sadness.


Though it is stated that Dr Sarath Abeykoon died in a car crash, as per the available news from the police he had got a black out and the car had slightly knocked another car at the Borelesgamuwa traffic lights and had passed away by the time he was taken out of the car.
Remains will be taken to his residence at 125 Abeyatne Mawatha, Borelesgamuwa by noon today, Sunday.
Funeral, cremation at 6.00 p.m. General Cemetery Borella on Monday 18th September 2017.


From: Lecamwasam, Deepal (Health) <Deepal.Lecamwasam@sa.gov.au>
Date: Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 5:18 AM
Subject: SARATH's Passing-Deepal Lecamwasam

Dear Renga,
I expect you’d be just as stunned and gutted by Sarath’s unexpected passing as I am..
I was in Kyoto, Japan attending the World Congress of Neurology and as Sarath had trained in Japan I wrote him an email saying I was there.He promptly replied about his experiences and travels there and ended up with warm wishes.5 days later when I came back to my hotel my wife Priyani gave the the shock of a lifetime-I still feel quite shaken and unsettled…it was SUCH an unexpected death.
I don’t think anyone needs persuasion that he was one of the most outstanding products of S.Thomas’s in recent times-as a Boarder,student,sportsman and Head Prefect and later as an outstanding oncologist, he has done us all and College VERY proud- all done in his own inimitable unassuming charming style.He was completely unique and one of a kind.
I feel we should raise money among schoolmates for a fitting memorial award at the College Prize Giving.
Renga ,as Manager STC and Sriyan,the Master of networking what do you think?
At ground level, I’m in close contact with Luckshmi and Chathuri who are bravely picking up the pieces to move on.
Kind regards,
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Default Dr Sarath Abeykoon

I wish there were more of his calibre in the profession, in the world by
P. Nanayakkara

I know when I sit down to write this that endless words of praise and appreciation have already been fervently pronounced of a life lived so well. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr Sarath Abeykoon has had an immensely positive influence on many people’s lives.

I struggle to find the right words. The impact he has had on my life cannot be summed up in a few short paragraphs, but I am compelled to do so; maybe to seek some measure of appeasement, knowing that I owe at least that much to him.

I had the great fortune of being introduced to Dr Sarath Abeykoon through his niece, one of my dearest friends. We schooled together and only on a few occasions over at her place had I encountered Dr. Abeykoon. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer many years later, the obvious choice was to consult Dr Abeyakoon. I even began to look upon my friendship with his niece as one that bore new meaning and significance. How fortunate was I to have made this association.

Dr Sarath Abeykoon treated my mother during the four years that she survived and battled cancer. By that time he was a medical director at Ceylinco Healthcare, following decades of noble service at the Maharagama Cancer hospital.

But he was so much more than a doctor we consulted. On the many occasions that I have sat across him in his office trying to navigate the terrifying world of cancer he has always been a source of solace and strength. His kindness and compassion were immeasurable. He would often going out of his way to ensure we were afforded convenience and comfort whenever possible. That made a world of difference to my mother, my sister and me in facing the ordeal of a terrible disease. There was no one else’s insight or advice that we sought and no one else’s seemed to suffice. Sitting in the hospital waiting rooms, filled with anxiety, simply knowing that his consult was at hand was very reassuring no matter how dire the circumstances had become. I think back on those days and realise what a hefty responsibility we placed on him at any given time, while grappling with decisions that made the difference between life and death.

He dedicated his life to the service of others with little thought to his own needs. Though unassuming and mild mannered, he easily drew respect across all tiers of medical staff and this was the case, I soon noticed, wherever he set foot.I have seen patients, former patients or those known to him one way or another, simply light up at the sight of him. He treated the human being and not simply the disease. How often have I thought, ‘all doctors must aspire to this standard’ – he was a rare human being. Would there were more of his calibre in the profession and in the world!

It was a privilege to have had him to rely on for medical advice. It was a privilege to have simply known him – the kind and benevolent human being that he was. It was a privilege to have had him sign as the witness at my wedding. The memory of him smiling pleasantly as he watched me walk away with my husband as newlyweds, will forever be etched in my mind.

To his family, especially his wife and daughter that cherish him so dearly, I hope they can draw comfort from the knowledge that he was so well loved and held fondly in the hearts of many. Few could lay claim to such a testament of a life.

I can only imagine that he must now travel a path of high merit unseen and unknown to us all but certainly showered with our blessings.

May he attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana!

P. Nanayakkara

From: Arasu Savaranamuttu <arasu279@optusnet.com.au>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 7:25 PM


Very sad news, will send the message around in AUS.

I was happy to have met Sarath in March this year when ex Miller house boarder’s met at dinner one night.
Also memories do come back to me when we played together in the College hockey side.

The profession to which he represented has lost a very important individual too early in life.
We do salute him for all the good work he carried out in his profession.

May he rest in eternal peace.

With Regards,

Arasu Saravanamuttu

Home -613 8812 2645
Mob - 0402 425 438

From: Thilaka Rudra <trudra@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 8:33 PM
Subject: Re: TRAGIC NEWS

I am so sorry to hear this.
One of most decent blokes you could ever meet. A true gentleman - a credit to the profession and to the school.

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From: Rohan Hettiarachchi <yahaladuwa3000@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

A jewel of a gent always - may he attain Nibbhana with all the merit he acquired treating the patients who worship him literally .

From: Arun Dias-Bandaranaike <arundb@hotmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 6:05 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Absolute shocker of a piece of news!!!
Words are inadequate to express dismay.


From: Jeremy Hillman <j4hillman@yahoo.co.nz>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 2:16 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Hi everyone,
This is such sad news. A nicer guy you would not find. Perennial smiling face.
'Patis' was a loveable guy, our boarding mate, right through from Chapman 'B' to Miller 'A'.
Too often, one that gives of his life caring for others, does not take care of himself, appears to have been the case here.
I remember too Sarath's dad or 'Temple Mama' as we affectionately called him, making time to escort the Buddhist boarders for their weekly temple visit.
I had the good fortune of catching up with Sarath at last years get together of the '59 group, had not met for fifty years and I am thankful for the time I spent with him.
Condolences to the family and may he rest in peace.
Gone too soon.

From: Peter Vann <dilopet@xtra.co.nz>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 4:32 AM
Subject: Re: TRAGIC NEWS

What a great shock ! Such a decent human being of the highest calibre !! Always doing his best for his fellow man , I had the privilege of working with him in the cancer hospital in Maharagama in 1984 . Is there anyway we can do to support his dear wife and children ? Good men die young May he be at peace with the Lord , may angels carry him to his rest..,

Peter Vann from I phone

From: Gerry Roberts <jerryroberts1@optusnet.com.au>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 2:01 AM
Subject: Re: TRAGIC NEWS

The news is devastating. Sarath was one of those people who made the world a better place.
My condolences to his family. And I share the grief of his wider STC family and the myriad people who have been touched by his selflessness.
Love to all

Sent from my iPhone

From: John Attygalle <jattygalle@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: Dr. Sarath Abeykoon

Dear Sriyan,

Please convey my deepest sympathies to Sarath’s family….. I too lost my mother on the 14th Sept and are in the throws of sorting her matters out. Tomorrow my sis and I will feed 20 people with food that my mother liked…it is our way of giving thanks

Thanks for the fantastic job you do in keeping all informed.



John Attygalle

From: Doyle Peiris <doylep@telus.net>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 9:02 PM
How shocking. He was one of the most decent. Last time I met him, he was attending to my brother on his rehab.

From: Dulsri Weerasinghe <drweerasinghe@gmail.com>

Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: TRAGIC NEWS

Donga just phoned me
Shocking news
When I was down spoke with him
cud not meet as he was in Kandy

From: Milindha Morahela <morahelaanura@yahoo.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 1:27 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Hi Sriyan,
I am sorry to hear about the sad news.Please convey my deepest sympathies to all concerned.
I don't live in Sri Lanka anymore. Otherwise would have attended the funeral.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

From: Ekendra Edrisinghe <ekendraed@live.com>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 9:22 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Sad to learn of the tragic incident.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.

From: davidaldo <davidaldo@optusnet.com.au>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 2:54 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Thank you Sriyan.
Very sad. Strange and damning circumstances.
God bless.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

From: Rev.Amal Fernando <framal50@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 4:17 AM
Subject: Dr.Sarath

Dear Sriyan
I was shocked & deeply grieved to hear the passing away of our good friend Dr. Sarath. He became a very close friend of my family since 2015. He is one of the greatest men I have ever met on this planet earth. He is a man of God & I thank God for him. He loves his patients very much & what a concern & caring Doctor he was. All his patients will miss him including my brother in law.
Well the country has lost a great man & a doctor. The College can be really proud of him.
Sriyan, I am in the States & flying back on Monday. Pl text me giving all the details of funeral arrangements.(0777184966 or Whatsapp 0757184966.)
Pl convey my condolonce to his wife & daughter. I will visit them as soon as I return.
Peace & Blessings

Fr. Amal
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Default Dr Sarath Abeykoon

We have lost a clinician par excellence and role model; patients have lost a caring doctor by Dr Senani Williams

The untimely demise of Dr Sarath Abeykoon, a compassionate and caring oncologist, has left a void amongst the medical professionals, which no one else can fill.

He was a friend, father figure, mentor and an understanding senior colleague who was ever so willing to discuss the many clinical problems faced by junior colleagues.

Having chosen to care for victims of one of the most dreaded diseases known to man -cancer, Dr Abeykoon went out of his way to allay the concerns and anxieties of patients as well as their near and dear ones.

Many do not know his acts of personal generosity. He was a regular blood donor to the National blood transfusion service, donating even before the stipulated time period was over. In the private sector he often waived his fees when he felt that the patients were too poor to pay. He has even provided home cooked food for patients at the National Cancer Hospital. He has provided surgical instruments well over a million Sri Lankan rupees from his own personal funds to the Anuradhapura Surgical Oncology Unit. These are but a few of his selfless gestures I have been privy to.

The unblemished reputation of Dr. Abeykoon stands out as a beacon at a time when the medical profession is often the target of criticism for its failings.Many are the patients who were psychologically and emotionally dependent on his soothing and calming words to get over their fears and apprehensions.Not only did he care for the patients, he did not forget to inquire after the wellbeing of the family and the extended family members of the carers as well.

He would be up to date in his practice by reading the latest guidelines despite his many commitments. He would never hesitate to share his knowledge and mentor his trainees in the profession.

The vast gathering of mourners at his funeral paid tribute to him by sharing many of his kind deeds they had personally experienced.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Dr Lakshmi and daughter Dr Chathuri,who have many among his professional colleagues to share their grief.

We have lost a clinician par excellence and a role model we could look up to.

Sri Lanka has lost one of its best products and patients have lost one of the most caring doctors.

If only we could strive to attain a meagre fraction of his benevolent,sympathetic and charitable qualities, the world would be a better place.

May you attain Nibbana!

Dr Senani Williams

From: Milroy Berenger <milroy.berenger@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 10:12 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

ADB and all,

The nation has lost a fine man. STC has lost one of its finest sons. We have lost a dear friend.

The circumstances bizarre.

If he had waited for an ambulance how different things may have been?
That said, many of us would have made the decision Sarath made.

When we were in Chapman B; Bada de Mel, Anil de Alwis and Sarath were a unit of sorts.
Now all 3 Amigos are gone.

Ever since the news reached I cannot get it out of my head.

JKH tx for the picture.


From: Gy De Silva <gydesilva@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 9:47 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Dear Sriyan,

I am very sad & shocked!

We played Hockey for College together for many years and Classmates.

I have sent so many people to Sarath for cancer treatment.

Once I asked Sarath as to why he does not do private practise? His reply was, " GY I cant charge money from Cancer patients".

He even helped me when I was struggling for years to get a keloid out of Malla. Not a cent was charged & even got Renga to give me a good discount. The operation was a 100% success. So much of knowledge & experience.

I lost a good friend. A hard to find Gentleman!

Kumari, Prashani, Prashanjith joins me in sending our deepest sympathies to Lakshmi & Chathuri.

Thanks for the infor, as always!

Warm Regards,


From: Kamal Nilaweera <rkwn49@hotmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 4:09 PM
Subject: Re: from Kamal

Thanks Sriyan,

All the best... I am so upset to hear about Sarath Abeykoon..such a gentle and humble person.

I am totally devastated.

I am flying back and sending this email to you from the Changi airport lounge



Sent from Outlook

From: Donald Gaminitilake <lankaprinter@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 11:19 PM
Subject: Re: TRAGIC NEWS

Just returned home
Lakshimi and chathuri arrived safely
It was not an accident Sarath had stopped the car and then passed away



Sent from my iPhone

From: dhammika jayasuriya <pragunadd@yahoo.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 11:16 PM
Subject: Re: RE: TRAGIC NEWS

The support he gave late sarath fernando in his battle against cancer and the last moments of sarath life how he made him go peacefully will always be remembered by saraths fernando's friends& relations.
May sarath A RIP.and attain the supreme Bliss of Nirvana.

From: dk <dkweerasinghe@att.net>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 7:07 PM

It is very sad, tragic and shocking news. I remember Sarath as a soft spoken person. I can remember Amma taking friends and relatives that were suspected of having a malignancy to consult with him. Remember Amma saying how nice and helpful he was.

May he attain Nirvana.

dk and family

From: Indra Malik Rodrigo Goonewardene <IndraMalikRodrigo@imu.edu.my>

Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 6:55 PM
Subject: Sarath Abey

Dear Sriyan,
I was shocked when my son rang me up on Saturday evening with the extremely distressing news.
Sarath was indeed a gem of a man, a rare commodity
I last met Sarath at my son’s homecoming reception last December, and in fact when I informed him that I was considering coming here to the IMU, Malaysia he encouraged me to take up the job, as he had been frequently visiting his daughter who studied here before going to Australia to a partner university to complete her degree. Sarath liked the IMU . Another batch mate of ours, Prof Joe Perera, also working at the IMU, recollects how Sarath always brought a bottle of whiskey for them when he came to visit his daughter ( although Sarath himself was a teetotaler) and advised them to have a small drink & not too much!
Sarath was my class mate , batch mate & close friend
If possible please convey our personal heartfelt sympathies and condolences to his wife & daughter as well as the same from all the doctors from Sri Lanka, working here in the IMU , Malaysia
Kind regards,
Malik and Anula Goonewardene

From: Graham Masefield <graham.masefield@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:23 PM
Subject: Re: From Winchester to Chapman B, Chapman A, Miller B, Miller A and the wider world... MB

A real sad day when yet another one of our brethren -has been taken away -God blessings to Sarath for his dedication to humanity as a caring medico to patients of immense suffering. May he rest in peace.
In sadness- Graham

From: Eugene Corea <eugenecorea.r@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 8:38 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Dear Sriyan
Just a suggestion from me. Sarath was a precious human being in every sense of the word.
Would it be worth for his classmates and friends to arrange a memorial event when Lakshmi and Sarath's duwa are
here ?
Warm regards

From: Ravi Rudra <RaviRudra@xtra.co.nz>

Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 5:02 AM
Subject: Dr. Sarath Abeykoon

Dear Sriyan
Remember Sarath as someone with an outstanding and impeccable character. One of the true great products of STC. It is not surprising that Sarath went on to live an exemplary and dedicated life of selfless love and service.

His loss is a real tragedy – very proud of the legacy he has left behind, an inspiration to all of us.

Kindly convey to his beloved family my sincere prayers for the liberation of his soul. May it rest in everlasting Peace and Bliss.

God Bless

Ravi Rudra (Auckland, New Zealand).

From: nuwan gunawoardena <nuwangunawoardena@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 8:12 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Yes ... certainly a wonderful and decent gentleman to the core. An incredible tragedy! My deepest sympathies!

From: Arun Dias-Bandaranaike <arundb@hotmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:15 PM
Subject: Re: From Winchester to Chapman B, Chapman A, Miller B, Miller A and the wider world... MB

A winning thought
Even as we've lost.
Every generation, then, must've paused mid flight
And filled the gap with memories bright.


On 17 Sep 2017, at 5:09 pm, Milroy Berenger <milroy.berenger@gmail.com> wrote:

<Did we think about when in Winchester....pdf>

From: Milroy Berenger <milroy.berenger@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:08 PM
Subject: From Winchester to Chapman B, Chapman A, Miller B, Miller A and the wider world... MB
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Sad to hear the passing away of Sarath.A great friend a class mate and a boarding mate.I met him at the Boarders get together in march this year.That was nearly 45 years after leaving school.He was still the same down to earth guy.I was on a visit to sri lanka at that time.He found the time to visit me with all his work duties to say bye to me was great gesture on his part.I was always told Doctors don t have time for friends.Well not this Doctor.I miss him and I condole with his wife and daughters.

Dhimar Doole
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Met Dr Sarath when I went along with Aubrey Peiris ( who was based in Zambia) for Aubrey's post operative therapy. Meticulous care and attention was given by the good doctor at the Ceylinco Health care centre such that doctors in South Africa marveled at the results. May Dr sarath attain Nibbana.

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Default Re Dr. Sarath Abeykoon

It is very sad to hear. He was one of the kindest persons I have known. When I needed his help several years ago, he immediately went out of his way to do everything he could. Even though I had not met him for many years and was only able to speak with him on the phone.
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Default Dr. Sarath Abeykoon

A gem of a human being, alas no more by Laal Jayakody

Dr.Sarath Abeykoon

News of the sudden death of Dr. S.C.A. Abeykoon (Dr. Sarath Abeykoon or Sarath) brought a mixture of emotions in most of us. In me it was one of disbelief and sorrow, as if everything in the world had been rendered useless. Of all people, why Sarath? There was difficulty in comprehending life and death.
I first met Sarath in 1972 when he entered the Colombo Medical Faculty after a brilliant school career at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia where he shone both in studies and sports. All of us in the batch made lasting friendships and we remember Sarath for his mild, affable and temperate personality. He participated fully in all the batch and faculty activities. We found him to be an honest, highly dependable, quiet worker with enormous capacity for organization and work.

Sarath made sure to keep in contact with as many batchmates as possible and organised our last batch get together in 2016. If my memory is correct, out of all our batchmates, Sarath was the only one who selected oncology for postgraduate training. He definitely had a calling for this field.

Dr. Sarath Abeykoon had a long and distinguished service at the Apeksha Hospital (then Cancer Institute, Maharagama) from 1982 to 2008 where he devoted his entire life to caring for cancer patients. Other than for a few years where he served overseas, during the rest of the period, from morning till evening, 365 days of the year, year in year out, Dr. Abeykoon was there. He introduced the maintenance of computer records of the complicated treatment protocols of patients under his care and uplifted their management. Dr. Abeykoon introduced the basics of cancer and cancer therapy to generations of medical students.

At the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine he served as a member, and subsequently as the Chairman of the Board of Study in Oncology. Through this programme he took an active part in improving the quality and standard of the oncology postgraduate training programme. Such efforts improved the standard of care offered to our patients and enabled our graduates to find employment in the developed world. He served in the Sri Lanka College of Oncologists in different capacities, finally as its President. Through the Oncology College he worked towards improving the services available to the patients and the standard of the postgraduates. He was responsible for bringing international experts to Sri Lanka so that our doctors could be exposed to the latest management protocols.

Upon retirement from Government Service he became a much sought after oncologist in the private sector. He was never business-minded. He was instrumental in the introduction of linear accelerator facilities in the private sector.

He epitomized the Hippocratic tradition of “cure sometimes, relieve often and comfort always”. This aphorism ideally suited his chosen specialty of oncology. As we are well aware, some of the late cancers are not curable. It is in the “relieve often and comfort always” domains that Sarath excelled. Imagine the sense of depression, dejection, hopelessness that overpowers us when we come to know that one of our loved ones is having cancer. It is at that time that Sarath came in. He meant hope. His healing touch was the medicine for both the patients and their loved ones distraught with anguish and anxiety.

When it came to caring for patients Sarath was never in a hurry. Somehow he found the time. It was not at all uncommon to see him spending more than an hour on a single patient during an outpatient consultation. I am aware of several instances where Sarath transported patients to hospital in his own vehicle for treatment. On numerous occasions he did home visits to see how the patients and relatives were coping.

Sri Lanka has lost the services of an outstanding oncologist. He was such a wonderful doctor. His patients will miss him dearly.

His caring wife, Lakshmi, and loving daughter, Chaturi, will find it extremely difficult to come to terms with his sudden departure. He was a devoted husband and caring father. They did not even have time for a parting word.

Yet again one is faced with the inevitable question. “Of all people, why Sarath? Perhaps one may find solace in what the Buddha said, “One sure thing that we all inherit at birth is death”. Uncertainty is in its timing. In Sarath’s case it was all sudden showing the impermanence and uncertainty of worldly things. I am sure Sarath has accumulated enough merit to shorten his stay in this samsara cycle. May he attain nibbana.

Laal Jayakody

From: Prabodha Kariyawasam <pldkari@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 11:37 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Dr Sarath Abeykoon

A fitting tribute indeed to a quintessential gentleman.What selfless service to the noble profession disgraced by many of the current breed.
Sarath was too good for this world.He surely is in a better place.May he attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.
We were Prefects together.I used to tell him often that he needs to "sharpen" his vocabulary in dealing with miscreants.To no avail.He would never ever utter a harsh word.
College friendships meant a lot to him.I miss him dearly.

From: Dhamitha Perera <gdvperera@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 12:31 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Fw: Dr Sarath Abeykoon

Kari - I fully agree with you. He was an exceptional guy.
There were 3 appreciations about him in the Sunday Times.
The present breed of doctors are not worth 1 percent of Sarath. They are greedy for money and most of them are political goons. See GMOA present actions!!
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

From: KR Ravindran <ravi4@sltnet.lk>

Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 11:00 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

This is a tragedy of the highest proportions.
He was one of the most distinguished members of our class; widely respected and greatly admired.
I have no words to express my anguish and my profound sadness.

From: anil de silva <adesilva326@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

that is life boys ,the god takes the best away first. Any way he has lived a good life and the most important thing is he has overlooked and treated the dreaded cancer of many and more.
regds anna

From: Upasiri Samaraweera <samaraweeraupasiri@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 6:37 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Hi Sriyan,
Sarath was one of the nicest guys I have met. We were pretty close when we were at school especially because we both did bioscience and we both were in the boarding. I met him several times when I was in Sri Lanka but never did meet him since I left. I always thought that when I retire that I will have more time to spend in Sri Lanka and that I would meet up with him. I am retired now and he is no more and that makes me very sad.
Thank you Sriyan for keeping me in the loop and hopefully we will meet up sometime.
Upasiri Samaraweera (Samare)

From: Kumar Ambrose <kumarambrose@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

My humble homage to a great guy .

On 18 Sep 2017, at 9:11 am, Manju Abeysekera <msabeysekera@gmail.com> wrote:

For me ,the name Sarath Abeykoon is synonymous with "best memories".. Only way I can describe the present moment as it unfolded at the end of last week.

From: Deepal Lecamwasam <deepalleca@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 3:04 AM
Subject: Re: Sarath- from Udaya

Dear friends.I am devastated by Sarath's passing.It has been SUCH an unlikely event.It just underlines how unreliable and impermanent Life is.Sarath was a GEM ,a very rare human being and an exemplary doctor.I have been with him from the second standard at S.Thomas' and despite his high achievements-he was Head Prefect and later! MSU President and subsequently one of Sri Lanka's most famous doctors ,no one has EVER spoken of him except in great praise-this ,as we know, is EXTREMELY rare.
I am at a World Conference in Neurology in Kyoto,Japan and he wrote to me only last week,as he too had been to Japan for training-so to me it has been an unbelievable stunning blow for he ,to us all,is simply irreplaceable.
Priyani and I will visit Luckshmi and Chathuri as soon as they return to Australia where Chathuri is a young general medicine trainee.
Sarath was an exemplary Buddhist and considering the many thousands of patients he helped and the life he led his journey through Sansara will undoubtedly short.
May he attain Nibbana.i
Priyani too joins me in great sorrow,Deepal

Deepal Lecamwasam

From: Godfrey Senaratne <g.sena@optusnet.com.au>

Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 7:54 AM
Subject: Re: Dr. Sarath Abeykoon

Sarath was my student in the Physics class and I was his House Master in Miller/Chapman House.
A brilliant student, and and a fine sportsman -Sarath became the Head Prefect of the Boarding and later Head Prefect of the School.
He also won the Victoria Gold Medal for the Best All-Round Student.
As Oncologist in Govt Hospital(s) , he did not chase the Rupees in Private Practice.
His only professional concern was the medical treatment of his patients whom he treated with medicine and kindness.
Sarath’s father (who was the Head of the Geological Survey Dept, and also an Old Thomian)
carried out his voluntary service/duty (for many years) of coming in every Sunday Evening to
Supervise and lead all the Buddhist Boys in the College Boarding, to Temple and back.
Sarath’s Daughter is a Doctor at the Geelong Hospital in Victoria, Australia
Sarath was (and is) a Great Soul.
Esto Perpetua - dear Doctor Sarath Abeykoon.
-Godfrey Senaratne
Attached Images
File Type: jpg IMG_0339 (1).jpg (493.5 KB, 4 views)

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Default SARATH ABEYKOONE by Dian Jayasuriya


Dr. Sarath Abeykoon who sadly passed away whilst still in his prime was an exemplary product of S. Thomas’ College where he excelled all round as one of the top academics, was the recipient of The Victoria Jubilee Gold Medal for the Best All round student, captain of the Fives team, member of the hockey, athletics and basket ball teams and Head Prefect.

He went on to be a senior Oncologist and Director of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital. He retired and joined Ceylinco Healthcare Services Limited as a Medical Director of the Radiation Treatment Centre.

He was a human-being of the highest quality and was a brilliant oncologist who shunned private practice, and his mission in life was healing Cancer patients afflicted with this deadly illness. He once remarked that he leads his life according to the teachings of the Buddha, “healing the sick is my fervent duty, not an opportunity to amass wealth”.

He never aspired to have a luxury house in Colombo 7 or expensive cars but he chose to work for a monthly salary which was equivalent to what he could have made in a day if he went into private practice for a Doctor of this high caliber.

He was a selfless unassuming person and leaves behind his wife and daughter who are also medical doctors.

I hope his daughter will take over the unfinished part of the mission which her great father started.

May a thousand Dr. Sarath Abeykoones proliferate in our troubled land and provide the healing to our nation to lift up the once noble profession from the dismal depths to which it has fallen.

“Great men are they who see spiritual is stronger than the material and noble thoughts and deeds should rule the world” with apologies to Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Dian Jayasuriya

D. N. Jayasuriya
CEO / Managing Director – CML MTD Construction Ltd
President – Civil Engineering & Building Services Cluster – Walkers CML Group

CML-MTD Construction Ltd
4th Floor, GP Square Building,, No. 10 Trelawney Place, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka.
M +94 77 7872739
T +94 11 2440774(Gen) +94 11 7733122 (Dir) F +94 11 2440896

From: Mohan Samarasinhe <mohan@samarasinhe.com>

Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: Dr. Sarath Abeykoon

Dear Sriyan

Thank you so much for sending me the wonderful and inspirational eulogy by Dian Jayasuriya. I feel cheated that I did not have the pleasure and privilege of meeting Sarath, a truly remarkable Thomian, especially as I have had a commonality of purpose in life with his. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to his family on Sarath's sad and untimely death - a huge loss to Sri Lanka.

We have a programme through We Are One Sri Lanka, one of my charities through which we sponsor university students from deserving families and would like to sponsor a few such students in Sarath's memory if the family are agreeable. I will be arriving in Sri Lanka on 16th November for two months and will be happy to discuss my proposal with you when I am there.

Warm regards and best wishes


From: Dr. Narme Wickremesinghe <nwosh1@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

So sad. He was a careing gentleman doctor rarely seen these days.
Excellent appreciation ,Sriyan. But words can hardly describe Sarath's gentle manliness and goodness.

Sent from my iPad

From: Deepal Lecamwasam <deepalleca@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 7:33 PM
Subject: Fwd: Deepal in Japan

Dear Sriyan,Sarath's sudden passing came as a HUGE shock.I' m in Japan attending the World Congress of Neurology and Sarath had just responded to me asI had written to him as he had been here several times having trained hereThis shows how impermanent and unreliable Life is.Our deepest sympathies are with Luckshmi and Chathuri but their loss is ours too.In grief and shock,Lecamwasam

Deepal Lecamwasam

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sarath Abeyakoon <sabey@eureka.lk>
Date: 12 September 2017 at 11:17:22 am GMT-7
To: Deepal Lecamwasam <deepalleca@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Deepal in Japan

Dear Deepal, Priyani, Jayantha and Surangika

Thanks for sharing some of the memorable pictures taken in Japan.

Trust you’ll are having an enjoyable time and Deepal an interesting meeting.

I have visited Japan a few times and that was mostly to Tokyo. Once I was attached to the National Cancer Center in Tokyo for 3 months. During this stay I had the fortune to be taken on a group tour of Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was really a great experience.

Once again enjoy your stay in Japan - the land of the rising Sun.

Warm regards to all


On Sep 12, 2017, at 1:31 PM, Deepal Lecamwasam <deepalleca@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Sarath,,Enjpying Japan and thinking of you.Where did you work.Jayantha and Surangika are also with us.We return 22nd Sept. kind regards, Deepal

From: WIJERATNE, Neil <neil.wijeratne@apl.com>
Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 8:33 PM


I received a call from Renga sharing the very sad news. Sarath was a great guy and I was in STC boarding with him between 1960-1971 . Was extremely fortunate to meet him on 2 occasions after I left school. One of those events was organized and hosted by Renga to allow us to meet our buddies after several decades. Sarath was our dormitory mate in Miller Chapman and was later Head Cop and Victoria Gold medalist . One incident which I need to remind myself is the STC-Issipathana Rugby encounter in 1970 ?? where our team gave Issipathna a beating .Some of their supporters at Havelock Park attacked a few of us who were on Crowd Control Duty .I lost my consciousness in the encounter which happened in a last 5 minutes of the game. I was told that Sarath protected me from further injury when I lay unconscious and later took me to the Accident Ward with BGS and Jacob George.

A wonderful person who was a Leader, yet remained very humble. He helped those who associated with him to be better human beings.

May he attain Nibbana.

Kossa WDNW
STC 1960-1972

From: Ashok Jacob George <jacobgeorge.ashok@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 9:29 PM
Subject: Re: FW: TRAGIC NEWS

Hi Kossa,

No doubt we lost a real gentleman a good soul in the person of Sarath Abeykoon, who consistently maintained his dignity in every situation, one who knew where to draw the line, and who honourably bowed out when chit-chats were getting a little cheap or out of hand, very polished and dignified in all his approaches. May God bless reward this soul.

Kossa, a correction please. At the Issipathana match our Copleston rowdy STB Jayasinghe organised a gang to actually beat up Lappen. And Lappen was standing somewhere close to where we were, and so they started whacking everyone close by. One of those guys gave you a blow, and then immediately I took a step forward gave him a better blow across his face, and that guy fell on the ground and just took off! Then I turned back and looked at you and OMG realized that you had lost your bearings, and you were blabbering away something. It was then that I I realised you were suffering a concussion!! After that immediately I think Sarath & BGS had come to help, and taken you to hospital and so on, don't remember that part well.

Will never forget that day!!!

Suraj and other great boxers were nowhere to be seen during action time, only bullshitting later on, you should have done like this and done like that and all craptalk.

This for your very kind information and memory recall.
(Now no time to tell about the other incident when we scooted off for a night show and got caught to the cops in the college premises. "Rahalahamy, please report keranda epaa, apey anaagathé" and so on��������������
Anyhow those were the days!!)

Renga, hope Sarath's cremation rituals went off solemnly. Sad, wanted to meet Sarath but somehow missed. He was in fact treating Sunil Ratnayake's elder brother for cancer at that time. 2015.

Cheers and take care all you guys,
God is good, life is hard, don't get the two mixed.��

Jacob George

From: Lakshman Watawala <lrwatawala@gmail.com>

Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 11:24 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Dear Sriyan,
It is very sad to hear about the sudden death of Sarath Abeykoon. His
father used to come to college to take the boarders to the Buddhist
temple on Sundays and this was done regularly and due to Sarath been
in the boarding we all benefitted. He was in Miller Chapman and we
were on the other side Copleston Claughton. Although a few years
junior to us he was one of good qualities with a smile always and one
who was calm and quiet and well respected in the medical profession. I
also used to meet him at SSC when he used to bring his daughter for
swimming classes in the mornings. It is indeed a big loss for all of
us. He is also a close relative of our good friend Jayampahy Banda
May he attain Nibbana.

Lakshman R Watawala

From: duleepm.mendis <duleepm.mendis@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 8:24 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Dear Sriyan
It is with profound sadness that I read about the passing away of Sarath. Please convey our heartfelt sympathies to the grieving wife Lakshmi and daughter Chaturi.

Sent from my Samsung device

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Default Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Tribute to Dr Sarath Abeykoon
September 23, 2017, 5:47 pm

by Tennyson Rodrigo

It is not only because Dr Sarath Abeykoon was my Consultant Oncologist that I decided to write this tribute. To me he was more than that. While I was undergoing Tomotherapy at Ceylinco Healthcare Services Ltd I used to see him moving around and on many an occasion he would stop to talk to a patient if he casually came across one.

Dr Abeykoon revelled in taking down copious notes of the consultation process with red and blue ball point pens. Time didn’t matter to him.

I had 37 sessions of Tomotherapy. After that I had the longest period of remission in the entire history of my cancer. As cancer does most often, it returned and in my case metastasized to lung cancer. So along with my niece Sandya Salgado I had to visit Dr Abeykoon after a relatively long period of time. He remembered and recognised me at once.

He examined thoroughly all the X-ray plates and simply asked me "so what’s the problem?" I said I have lung cancer and that’s why I came to see you. Very patiently and convincingly he explained to me there is nothing that could be done therapeutically at my age; had I been fifty years younger there would have been other options available to him. He said my cancer was on the peripheral part of the lung but could change to haemorrhaging at the centre in which event he would have to give me some palliative radiation.

Dr Abeykoon loved repartee. Some would say the patient knows best and being human always lives in hope. I hadn’t realized that I had succumbed to this conventional wisdom when I asked Dr Abeykoon how about a Pet Scan? He sharply reacted when he said "do you want your Pet Scan framed and hung on your bedroom wall?"

With the calmness and righteousness of a mature visionary he thus defined for me life’s inevitability.

But very portentously he said "I will be on leave for six weeks and you can see me only then." Having said that he got up from his seat, held my wheelchair and pushed it until up to the entrance of his consultancy room so filled with compassion.

How often do we see consultants (even those whom we know personally) recognize and greet you while you are waiting in the room with other patients? How often will a consultant get up from his seat to greet you? How often will a consultant push your wheelchair (even if you can find one?) How long is a consultant prepared to spend time during a consultation?

To Dr Sarath Abeykoon these things did not matter. The total time he spent with me at the last consultation was over an hour. And that hour reflected a part of a man whose values and of professionalism and humanity transcended pure personal gain.

From: gamunu wijesundara <gamunuwij@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Thanks.We are so unlucky to hear the saddest news of a good doctor & a gentlemen. May he attain nibbana.

From: Sangar <rsangarappill@optusnet.com.au>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 9:42 AM
Subject: Re: TRAGIC NEWS
Sarath was very nice and very decent chap. Since leaving school i have not meet him.
It is great loss and to loose at this age. RIP.

From: Moosbhoy Mohsinally <mohsinally@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Dear Sriyan,
Very sad to hear about Dr. Sarath's sudden demise.
Another friend has left us.
May his soul rest in peace.
Kindly convey my deepest sympathies to his wife and other family members.

On Sep 18, 2017 11:46 AM, "Mala Kumarasinghe" <umkumarasinghe@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dear friends,
I have just returned from saying goodbye to Sarath, most loved and a wonderful human being.
There were massive rain clouds overhead, but it never rained until it was over. The kanatte grounds were filled with not only our batch mates who are here..but seniors like L.I. Wijesooriya, Narada, ..and the younger doctors as well as perhaps most doctors from Colombo.
I think they were saying goodbye to an exceptional man as well as a sincere, honest and a kind professional...a rare person.
I will really miss him ,his kindness, his decency, his gentleness.
The many patients that I referred had nothing but praise for him .
I remembered all the good times we all had, I never thought he will be one of the first to leave.
May his family come to terms with loosing a beloved father and husband, may he attain nibbana.
Sent from my iPad

From: thulangit wijesuriya <tmjourneyoflife@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 12:52 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

I wish to express my heartfelt deepest sympathies to Sarath's family for the sad loss.
May Sarath experience eternal peace & bliss in the deathless state of liberation at nibbana.
With respectful kind regards.
TM(Thulangit Wijesuriya)

"Working at Introspective "World" to generate, cultivate & radiate thoughts of Goodwill (towards oneself & towards others), and Peace, altruistic Joy &Wisdom"
"May all beings be well, & happy"
"With Best Wishes"
"T.M." Wijesuriya

From: David Seevaratnam <seevaratnamdavid@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 8:53 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

I just can't believe it!
He was one of the nicest and most decent human beings that I have known.
What a loss.
May his soul Rest In Peace.
David Seeva.
Sent from my iPad

From: skanda485 . <somaskanda21@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 8:36 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

How sad and tragic. He took excellent care of my eldest sister for over ten years ensuring very good quality of Life after a breast removal.
May he rest in Peace Skanda

From: Christopher Thomas <ChristopherGThomas@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:10 PM
Subject: RE: Dr Sarath Abeykoon

Very sad news about Sarath. I have told as many of our batch as possible. I remember well how Mr CS Weerasingha (Pol-Weera) used to pull his leg in the Form 5 Sinhalese Language class. And of course, Sarath and I played hockey and were prefects together. May my old classmate and friend rest in peace.

I have long forgotten my user name/password to login to the Prefects Group website. Are you able to please send this information to me.
All good wishes

Chris Thomas
62 Cornwall Drive, Stafford ST17 0FT, England, UK
t: +44 1785 214648 | m: +44 7909 107738
e: ChristopherGThomas@tiscali.co.uk / Chris62Thomas@gmail.com / Chris.Thomas@barhale.co.uk

From: Malkey Rent-A-Car: An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company <info@malkey.lk>
Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 9:38 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

It is with deep regret and shock that my family and I heard of Sarath's passing away.

He was a role model for a proper Doctor of Medicine especially in the controversial
present times. His attitude towards services of a medical officer,a friend and a relative
were exemplary. We were able to pay our last respects at his residence but missed his wife
and daughter on that day.

Please convey our deepest sympathies to Sarath's family.

With Kind Regards

Mahesh Mallawaratchie

From: Trehan Munasinghe <trehan999@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 5:37 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

He was a good man, I knew him during my service at Ceylinco Life & Ceylinco Healthcare 2005-2010

I also remember taking my mother to him during her early stages of cancer in 2007-2008

Best regards,
Trehan Munasinghe

From: Bo Shu <bo_shu@comcast.net>
Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 9:39 PM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Very sad news. May he rest in peace. I remember him as a very decent guy.

From: Swarna Thambi <swarna_thambi@yahoo.ca>

Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 9:42 PM
Subject: Fw: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Dear Sriyan:

What a shocking news. One of the Best products of STC.He was such a good looking guy and for him to die in a Car crash is really heart breaking.He was one of Quenten's favourite. May his soul rest in Peace.

Thanks Sriyan


From: Hiran Cooray <hirancooray7@bigpond.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:33 AM
Subject: RE: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

So sorry to hear this, my sympathies to the family


From: iyngaran Vanniasegaram <ivanniasegaram@googlemail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 3:49 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

I am shocked

Sent from my iPhone

From: Ajith Goonawardene <ajith.rowing@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 1:10 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Oh my gosh, its so so sad. A gentleman par excellence.
Sad to miss the funeral.
May his soul rest in peace!

From: Freddie Alles <freddiealles@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 6:49 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Sarath Abeykoon.

Dear Anil
I agree he was one of the nicest, caring people on the Planet
I knew him well as he was our dear friend late Anil,De Alwis,s first cousin
He has so helpful if ever we asked
An Unique Doctor who never did private practice when employed
May his soul rest in piece

On 17/09/2017, at 7:54 AM, Asoka Wijesekera <wijesekeraasoka@gmail.com> wrote:

It is very sad to hear this news about a fellow Millerite. A thorough gent even in his student years. I remember he was bright, intelligent and took his studies seriously. His father was a devout Buddhist who very generously devoted his Sunday afternoons to walk us boarders to the temple along the road near the small clubs.


Sent from my iPhone

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Default Dr. Sarath Abeykoon He was an icon

Dr. Sarath Abeykoon

He was an icon

I pen these words with deep regret and sorrow for the sudden and untimely death of Dr. Sarath Abeykoon, an oncologist whom our family knew for many years. He was eminent in his field, honourable in his deeds and was a honest personality with amiable qualities. He was an icon as a caring doctor, who strove to treat terminal patients for many years both in government service and in private practice.

We could always count on him without hesitation as a professional who practiced and kept his word, living up to the the Hippocratic Oath. Our family is ever so grateful and appreciative of him for the special dedication and caring shown to our late mother during the time of her illness as far back as 1982. Our family and so many other families ow him our gratitude and appreciation and we wish to state that his longstanding medication, given with a human touch and caring extended with continuous support, prolonged her life for many years after the initial diagnosis.

As the world at large is aware and whoever present at the cemetery would've bore testimony to, a large mass was present and paid their last respects until the coffin was closed. The funeral was embodied with simplified last rites and an unforgettable and exceptional short funeral oration, as it should have been for a highly respected person of such simplicity in comparison to Mother Theresa and Florence Nightingale.

All would agree that his death is a great loss to the medical fraternity and patients as the vacuum left by him will take many more years to fill due to his is incomparable and indispensable contribution to society.

The funeral ceremony, as well as the funeral oration which we witnessed at the cemetery, was of exceptional and of exemplary nature and bore testimony to Dr. Sarath Abeykoon's noble personality. We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to his beloved wife, Dr. Lakshmi and daughter, Dr. Chathuri.

May he attain the Supreme bliss of Nirvana.

Senaratne Family,
Attached Images
File Type: jpg z_p09-App-02.jpg (52.4 KB, 1 views)

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