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Default STC Prep Head S. Thomas’ Prep Prize Day |

Parenting an art requiring time, skill, patience: STC Prep Head
S. Thomas’ Prep Prize Day | Prizes should only be a source of encouragement: Rohan Perera, PC


“Parenting, truly is an art which requires time, skill and an amplitude of patience,” said S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Kollupitiya, Headmaster N.Y. Casie Chetty at the College Prize Day on Friday (13).

“Parents must work diligently to develop this capability, if they are to be successful parents of well developed children who are wholesome in body, mind and spirit. Parenting requires such fundamentals as love, discipline, trust, respect, values, guidance, listening and time”, Mr. Casie Chetty elaborated.

“It is in instances when school and home collaborate meaningfully, that the child who is the centre of attention, could be moulded into a person ready, fit and able to take his/her place in society,” Mr. Casie Chetty added.External Affairs Ministry’s former Legal Advisor Dr. Rohan Perera P.C., and his wife, former Legal Draftsman Therese Perera P.C., were chief guests on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Rohan Perera stated that prizes should be interpreted as a source of encouragement to thrive to achieve better in the future; it should go beyond the spirit of prize, a process of building character as these youngsters are collective stakeholders to achieve important goals.

“It was Bishop Chapman founder of S. Thomas’ College who said that the real aim of school education was not to improve the mind alone but to form the character of individuals to respect principles,” he said.“I take great emphasis on the need taken to pay particular attention to mould the character of children at a very young age before the age of secondary school. The idea of a preparatory school thus does,” he said.
Some of the aims and objectives had been to provide a different learning experience but just as important as the learning gained from books and class room activities. To develop attitudes and morals rather than the knowledge of facts, to develop true team spirit, by participating in group efforts both in the classroom and play ground and preserve and serve all that is pure and holy, true and beautiful, Dr. Perera said.

“Sri Lanka stands today at a crucial stage at the end of near three decades of conflict. In the post conflict environment, unrestricted opportunities have opened up, to put behind the years of mutual suspicion, distrust, intolerance and antagonism among people. We have to work towards a future that is characterized by independence, interdependence and humanism. The building of such a future, calls for the greater understanding of religious, cultural and other forms of diversities,” he said.

Chief guests and the Principal at the event.Pic by M.D. Nissanka
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Old 25-07-12, 11:14 AM
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Default The Annual Prize Giving of S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Kollupitiya

'Collective effort, key to reconciliation'

Former Advisor to the External Affairs Ministry Dr. A. Rohan Perera, PC, said the pursuit of peace and reconciliation is a goal of such importance that it cannot be left solely in the hands of the government. It requires a collective effort with the active involvement of all segments of society.

Dr. Perera, who was the Chief Guest at the annual Prize Giving of the S. Thomas' Preparatory School, Kollupitiya, said the civil society and the youths have a vital role to play at this critical moment. It is apt to recall what is stated in the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), on achieving post-conflict reconciliation.

"The development of a vision of a shared future requires the involvement of the whole of society. The culture of suspicion, fear, mistrust and violence need to be removed and opportunities and space opened up in which people can hear each other. A culture of respect for human rights and human diversity needs to be developed, creating an environment where each citizen becomes an active participant in society and feels a sense of belonging, of being Sri Lankan."

In achieving these objectives, a liberal school environment is an imperative, the starting point, where children begin to appreciate the rich diversity of society, the commonalities of diverse religions and cultures whilst also understanding their points of divergence, he said.

Dr. Perera said what is needed from a young age, is a sense of engagement where individuals reach out to each other, try to understand each other's cultural background, their viewpoint on an issue and to strive to find some common ground, rather than try to exclude or drown out the voice of the other, due to "cross-cultural ignorance."

Religious leaders and teachers have an onerous responsibility and a crucial role to perform, as they have been doing. The compulsory teaching of each other's language is essential to create an environment conducive to reconciliation among the young generation. This must be supported by adequate resources being devoted to the effective implementation of the "Trilingual Policy" on which much emphasis is being placed currently. A common dialect naturally enhanced mutual understanding, he said. Every encouragement must be given for greater interaction among students through diverse mechanisms to inculcate a mutual understanding and an appreciation of the rich cultural diversity of Sri Lanka, he said.


The Annual Prize Giving of S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Kollupitiya was held at the college auditorium recently. Here, Head Master N.Y. Casie Chetty pins the J.T.R. Perinpanayagam Memorial Gold Medal for the Best All-Round Student on J.A. Lyman.
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