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Old 21-01-17, 04:36 PM
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Default STC 100 Years at Mt L.,Celebrations

From: Unity Mission Trust <bertal@unitymission.lk>
Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 10:22 PM
Subject: Update on STC 100 Years at Mt L.,Celebrations
To: Sriyan Jayasekera <stc.prefects.group@gmail.com>, sriyanj@gmail.com

Dear Sriyan,
Greetings !
I want to update you and through you, the important stakeholder Group of STC, namely the College Prefects Group.
Accordingly, I will be most appreciative if you will please share the undernoted information with this august body.

1.) Under the leadership and guidance of our Warden, a series of events have been drafted to fittingly celebrate the milestone landmark of 100 years of STC at Mt. Lavinia.

2.)The first event will be a Special Thanksgiving Service at Mutwal Cathedral to give thanks for STC's life from 1851 to 1917.
This will be on 26th January, at 6-30 pm.

3.) The second event, which will be the formal launch of a Year of Celebrations for the 100th Anniversary will take place on Feb 3rd, our Founders Day.
This will be at College.
The Programme will start with a Special Thanksgiving Service at 7-40 am.
This will be followed by a Series of Events on that day, including the opening of the new Block of Classrooms.

4) The 90th Anniversary of the College Chapel will be celebrated on Old Boys Sunday, 12th February.

It is hoped that as many of the Thomian family will be present at these events .

May I also please share with you that the Special Events Team of STC, that has worked for College from 1998 to 2012, has been honoured by being invited to support Warden's effort in fittingly celebrating this special anniversary.
This Team has worked with 5 previous Heads of STC and is delighted to be working now with Warden Marc Billimoria.

We will be working together with the support of the broader OBA, the PTA and Overseas Branches of the OBA. We look forward in particular, to the active support of the Thomian Prefects Association, in making a memorable success of the Year's Programme of Events.

Esto Perpetua!

On behalf of the Special Events Team,

Bertal Pinto - Jayawardena

From: Nihal De Silva <agndesilva@gmail.com>

Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 8:49 PM
Subject: Re: Update on STC 100 Years at Mt L.,Celebrations
To: Sriyan jayasekera <stc.dsa.era.group@gmail.com>

Dear Sriyan,

Your message is noted and appreciated.

I note you have not mentioned the Prize Giving on the 3rd. It is an annual event and not especially related to the 100th anniversary. However, it is the epitome of all college events as STC is primarily an academic institution.

And by way of mention......This year's chief guest is the 4th to be the same from the same class. Prof. J.N.O Fernando, Dr. N.F. WIckramasinghe, Army Commander General Srilal Weerasooriya and now Dr. Chryshantha Mendis. All classmates. A record of sorts.

We should thank our teachers, Father Barnabus and wife, Miss Bay, Mrs.Bandaratileke, Ms.Narlini Jayasiriya, Mr. David, Mr J.H.S. Peiris. Mr. De Alwis, Mrs. A.C. Perera, Mr Dharmasiri, Mr Orville Abeynaike, Mr. V.C.P Cooke, Mr. Wilson Mutthaia, Mr. Aruliah, Mr. Ariyasema Ashuboda. Mr. Dharmasena, Mr Jinadasa, Mr. Coprahewa, Mr. Pinto Jayawardena, Mr. L.A.H Arndt, me R.F.A.Mendis, Mr. Jayasekera, Mr. C.R. Wise, Mr, Senarath, Mr. Burder, Mr Brookie D'Silva, Mr. Jayasingha, Mr. C.S. Weerasingha, Mr. Sathanandan, Mr. Asiriwarden, Mr Sachithanandan, Mr. E.S. Pereira, Mr. L.G.B Fernando, Mr. Brough, Father Boyer Yin, Mr. (Rev) Goonetileke, Mr. Devadasan,
Mr. Kurakulasooriya, Mr. Mandawela, Mr. Anadanayagam, Mr. Jayakuru, Mr. Quintin Israel, Mr. Vedamuttu, Mr. Wyvill De Kau, Mr. Jesudasan, Martin the bell ringer, Paachan the physics lab boy. Podda and Kota the chemistry lab boys, Mariadasan the zoo lab boy, Mr. Lassie Abeywardena, Mr. Ferdinands and Mr. Wanigasekera (from the office) Rev Canon R.S. De Saram and many more that I have forgotten. They molded us for the better.

Good work, prefects group.

NIhal De Silva (AGN)

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Old 03-02-17, 10:08 AM
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Default 2017 OBA sports week , Lunch & High Tea

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