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Default The Old Masters ...and their pupils:

The Old Masters

...and their pupils:

It what is being described as a "tribute to the old art teachers" the works four artists, one of them better known for his acting prowess and no longer among the living, will go on display at the Lionel Wendt from August 9 to 10, in a one of a kind exhibition titled 'The Old Masters and their pupils'. The opening event, with the Doyen of Sri Lankan Cinema Dr. Lester James Peries and Mrs. Sumithra Peries is scheduled to be held at 5.30 p.m. on August 8.

The artists, three of who also happen to be old boys of S. Thomas' College Mount Lavinia are Gamini Fonseka, film actor/director, Tissa Hewavitarane, artist/journalist, Udayakantha Warnasuriya, film director/producer and Nayanajith Premaratne, artist/graphic artist. The teachers being artistically honoured are M. Sarlis, G.S. Fernando and Susil Premaratne. The opening night of the exhibition, on August 8, will see the launch of a book on the Old Masters who have dedicated their lives to the improvement of art in Sri Lanka.

Below is a brief peek into the life and times of the artists and the old masters.

Mastery in drawing
Gamini Fonseka

Gamini was shy, silent but desperately anxious to make good. Commencing his educational at Presbyterian Girls' School, Dehiwala, he completed it at S. Thomas College, Mt. Lavinia, but he learned very little, either at school or anywhere else. He wasn't the kind to learn but somewhere down the line he had inherited clever fingers and body language. He came under the tutelage of Kalabushana Susil Premaratne to study art. He dabbled in pencil sketches and black and white Indian ink drawings and watercolours.

Having proved his mastery in drawing, his ability to arouse the enthusiasm of the public with his superb sketches, Gamini now turned his hand to another branch of art-acting. Here, he was successful from the start. He appeared first on screen in `Rekawa' as part of a crowd. He also did some work on an English television series filmed in Sri Lanka. Gamini's first credited acting role was in 'Daiwa-Yogaya' (1959) in which he played a small role. His ascendency in the celluloid world is well documented, and as the saying goes, historic. Gamini acted in 108 films, Directed 10 and produced two. He was born on March 21, 1936 and married Tina in 1962 had four children - Chamila, Thanuja, Damith and Ishara. He entered politics in 1989 and died in September 2004 at the age of 68

Art from the university of life
Tissa Hewavitarane

Veteran Artist Tissa Hewavitarane makes a display of his finest work as a tribute to his teachers and men and women who have helped him build up his life over the year. Having started his primary education at Girls' High School he later joined S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia. He completed his school career at Pembroke Academy, Colombo and went straight into the `University of life' in search of his themes.

M. Sarlis, the well-known temple painter who was his neighbour, introduced Tissa to his son, Susil Premaratne, who became his first guru. Later Tissa studied under well-known watercolour artist Kalasoori G.S. Fernando, who lent him a paternal hand of assistance in teaching basic techniques in watercolour painting, and black and white sketches in Indian ink, scraper board work, poster painting and caricature.

Tissa, who followed a career path in advertising, in Sri Lanka and abroad, has held several successful exhibitions in Germany, Bahrain, the Middle East and in Sri Lanka. His artistic expressions have been reflected in his journalism. The exhibition will see the launch of Tissa's 'Brush strokes of Old Masters', a book on the works of renowned painters of Sri Lanka who are not among the living today. The book is a beautiful record of every painting represented in full colour and black and white sketches with an introduction by media personality Kalakirthi Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa.

Virtuoso in colours

Nayanajith Premaratne

Born on May 24, 1956 in Colombo, Nayanajith Premaratne grew up in the typical surroundings of a home in which there was an interest in art and music.

The bright, warm atmosphere of his home guided him to becoming a virtuoso in the handling of colours. Nayanajith's father was the reputed story illustrator Kala Bushana Susil Premaratne.

Nayanajith completed his education at S. Thomas College, Mt. Lavinia. Having learned the basic techniques of watercolour painting from his father, he gained maturity from his guru Kalasoori G.S. Fernando, who moulded him as a budding artist. Nayanajith began life as a commercial artist in the advertising field and rose as an art director and creative director.

After a long period associated with advertising firms and after his retirement, he turned to experimenting with information technology, digital painting and creative art.

He has originated a watercolour and a digital painting to show the differences in technique at this exhibition.

He has been a teacher in art for some time and is the author of a book titled 'Dharshana Chitra.' The book illustrates the problems encountered in watercolour painting and offers solutions for them.

Gamini Fonseka
Tissa Hewavitarane
Nayanajith Premaratne
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