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Old 15-08-09, 10:19 AM
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Default Mr J H S Peiris & Farewell to Mr D N Pereira

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Old 27-07-12, 12:18 PM
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Default Mr D N Pereira & REV. BALDWIN DANIEL

From: prasad gunewardene <prasad55g@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 2:38 PM

Dear Sriyan,

It's a pleasure to pen something on our great Chaplain,Rev.Fr.Baldwin Daniel.Despite my busy schedule as Consultant Editor of two media institutions, I shall certainly write about my affable 'Sir' at College.He was such an unassuming pleasant person with a mellifluous smile and a self-proclaimed 'tough grin' to frighten us whenever we were mischievous.Alas! Corrine is the daughter of my Form 5 A class master Mr.D.N.Pereira.I rarely escaped his cane as a mischievous lad in his class.Once I came jumping from the rear desk to the front desk thinking 'DNP' had left the class and jumped on his dark tan well polished John White brand shoes.He put the umbrella inside my collar,dragged me back before I could escape.He had a separate cloth with him to polish his shoes from dust.I was asked to shine it.I did it.It did not end there.He took the cane out of the cupboard and gave me 3 good ones and said,'Don't behave like a fox'. I said 'Sorry Sir'. From that day I never jumped from desk to desk when the bell rang to notify the end of periods.

'DNP' was very particular on pronunciation of the English Language.So was it for Latin.Learning those two subjects under him was a pleasure but a killing job.Well, it helped me all the way as I became a journalist and as a Court Reporter in my hey day. The Latin I learned from him helped me a lot as we practice the Roman Law in Sri Lanka.

Rev.Fr.Baldwin Daniel only once took me by the ear along with L.C.Senaratne for hooting in the class.I remember he quoted a story in the bible to show us how ugly it was to hoot with a beautiful mouth and tongue gifted by God.Mr.Mandawala who walked into the class at that time said,'Baldwin, these two fellows must be slapped'. Fr.Baldwin in a lighter vein quipped,
'Manda, I have quoted the bible to them.They'll be OK.The day you get to slap them,they will offer you both cheeks as told in the scripture'.Fr.Baldwyn felt our heads with affection and asked us to run for the next period which was to be taken by Mr.Karalakulasingham,another deadly creature.
Please ask Fr.Baldwin to forgive us for the mischievous days in school we angered and embarrassed him. Excuse any typographical errors.Written in haste.

Prasad Gunewardene
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