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Default Farewell to Mr E.L.Perera & Mr Brookie Da Silva.

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Default Mr E.L.Perera.

In 1931 Athletic and Swimming tests for every boy who was old enough to be a member of a house were started, and have been carried out every year since then with great keenness. The result of the House Competitions soon became visible in a very much greater interest in all school activities shown by Day Boys, who began to hold more places in school teams than in former years. A Day Boys’ Debating Society was started by Mr. E.L.Perera, and won places for its representatives in the Inter-College debates. The Competitions did a great deal for the Boarders, especially the Athletic and Swimming tests, and the Boarding Houses continued to be, as they had always been, the centre of the College life, and to hold their own against houses three or four times their numerical strength.
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Default Teachers


The athletic of 1933 were very successful. Mr. John Halangoda gave unsparingly of his talents as a cricket coach to the team, and the results were visible in great improvement all round. The team owed a great deal to the Keenness and judgement of Mr. F.L.Goonewardene, and the Rev. A.J.Foster, the Chaplain of the School.

On July 22nd the Boxing team won the Stubbs Shield in the Inter-Schools Championship for the third time in five years. The school was represented by : J.H.T.Perera, Heavy Weight "A," A. Caldera and P.Kularatna, Light Heavy Weight "B," A.C.Dassanayake, Welter Weight, E.Thiedeman, Light Weight, R.B.Jayatileke, Bantam Weight, R.Proctor, Fly Weight. The team was trained by Mr. Deraniyagala.

In the Inter-School Sports the School was again victorious, and won the Tarbat Challenge Cup, and the Jefferson Challenge Cup for the Relays. S.Thabrew cleared 5ft.8ins. in the High Jump and W.A.Wijesinghe 20ft. 4ins. in the Long Jump


On Prize Day, Wednesday, August 7th, 1935, it was announced that Dr.R.L.Hayman had been appointed Sub-Warden. No school boy who plays a game of fives in the College courts, or who takes a header into the Swimming Bath is likely to forget Dr.Hayman. The Swimming bath was first opened on December 14th, 1933 when the Warden took the first plunge. It was officially opened by Bishop Carpenter Garnier on February 1st, 1934. The appointment of a Sub-Warden after that office had been vacant for three years was sign of the development and returning prosperity of the school.


The years 1930 to 1936 belong to the present rather than the past, and events in them are too recent to have fallen into their proper perspective, but some general record of them may be given.

The disturbing of old standards and old ideals, which has taken place in all countries, has had its effect in Ceylon as everywhere else, and it has forced people to think more and to measure things anew. In St.Thomas’ this has been manifest in many ways, and foremost among them has been the development of a new religious life in the school. Its root must be looked for far back in the days of Warden Stone and its growth has been the outcome of a movement within the Diocese of which the College is a part. In this connection mention must be made of the work that the Rev. A.J.Foster has done for the boys of the school.

The development of thought has led to intellectual development, which has found expression in the growth of the College Form; in the steady enlargement of School Library; in the new and more serious spirit in the Debating Society; in the recently started Literary, Scientific and Historical Society, and the revival of the Art Club, and the Musical Society.

Another development has been the making of gardens in several parts of the compound for the study of Botany. The Vth Form, the U.IV, the L.I.V, and the U.III, each have their own gardens, and much keenness has been shown both in school and out of school in the making of them. The work the Social Service League has done in the school grounds has expanded steadily, and has contributed to the general scheme of improvement.

In July, 1936, regular Carpentry Classes were begun for the L.IV forms as part of a two years’ course, and a number of classes were added out of school for any boys who wished to learn wood-work.

In school games, Hockey began to replace Soccer in 1936. Ever since 1929 Hockey had been played more or less regularly and in 1936 the first Inter-House Hockey competitions, Senior and Junior, took place. H.D.Bartholomeusz was the first Captain of Hockey.

These years were marked by the conscientious work of many House Masters. Among them may be mentioned Mr.V.P.Cooke who did much to promote keenness in Big Club Cricket, Mr. H.P.Jansz whose patient work with Small Club Cricketers was of great value to the School; and Mr.C.H.Wheat and Mr.E.L.Perera who did good work for the School Athletics; and Mr. C.H.Davidson who was a pioneer among the Day-House Masters. Dr.Hayman’s work as a House Master, and in the promotion of School Swimming during this time has been invaluable.

Of very great importance to the school has been the reduction of the debt upon the buildings. To help this reduction the Thomian Fair, organized by Lady J.P.Obeysekere, Mr. And Mrs. A.L.de Witt, and Mrs. P.Saravanamuttu, was held in Colombo in November, 1935. It proved a very successful undertaking and 9,000 rupees were raised.

Behind all the activities of the last six years a steady discipline has been maintained which has made the school run smoothly and efficiently, and has made possible the development in its activities
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