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Default Sri Sangabo Corea By Steve de Silva



-Warden E.F.Miller-

April 19, 1886

The headline to this write-up is taken from a letter written by Warden Miller, who started the S.Thomas’College Old Boys’Association in 1886 and addressed a letter to A.d’A.Seneviratne, a distinguished Old Thomian, expressing his desire to set up a group of Old Boys who would live up to the objects stated by him in that letter which are in quotes.

This year, when the S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia Old Boys’ Association is celebrating its 125th Anniversary I was trying to figure out who amongst the Old Boys would have made a significant contribution to the Association. Going through the records the name that kept coming up was Sri Sangabo Corea. I was not surprised as I have seen the inspiring leadership he gave to the committees he spearheaded during his long innings with the Executive Committee of the O.B.A. displaying skill with which he put his plans into action.

When I called him for a friendly discussion, he was his usual self, willing to help and speak about his experiences, as a student, executive committee member and three times Secretary of the O.B.A.

My first question from ‘Sange’ as he is referred to was, How he came to be connected with S.Thomas’ College.

His explanation was that most of the Coreas were either educated at S.Thomas’ or Royal. It was a foregone conclusion that Sange’s father, being an Old Thomian himself would send his son to S.Thomas’ after his early education in Chilaw.

I have heard it said that Chilaw has been famous for 3 Cs ... Coreas, Crabs and Coconuts. Speaking of the Coreas, Sange said that from the time of his grand-father, Charles Edward Senewiratne Corea, the family has traditionally produced Lawyers some of whom were also Members of the Legislature. When the British government imposed the Poll Tax compelling all males, 18 years and above to pay the government Rs.2 by way of Poll Tax, Sange’s father, Charles Edward Victor Senewiratne Corea, an Advocate of the Supreme Court dared to oppose it, on the grounds that it was an iniquitous tax which the poor couldn’t afford to pay. He vehemently opposed it, refused to pay even though he knew that the punishment was severe. He was arrested, jailed and made to break rock stones on the roads as a punishment for defying the government. The crowds that kept coming from all parts of the country to see this spectacle of an Advocate of the Supreme Court fighting the cause of his people kept multiplying, with his popularity, increasing each day. This compelled the British to abolish the Poll Tax, after a month, and release Victor Corea, who by then, was a nation-wide hero and hailed as The Champion of the Common Man !

When the Legislative Council of Ceylon held its islandwide election he contested E.W.Jayewardene (President J.R.Jayewardene’s father) in the Colombo North constituency and won a fiercely fought election by a comfortable majority. In later years he was named a National Hero by the government of Sri Lanka and his statue stands next to the courts complex in Chilaw. Sange’s uncle (father’s eldest brother) Charles Edgar Corea, who was educated at Royal played in the 9-run Royal-Thomian Cricket Match, passed out as a Proctor and rose to eminence as the President of the Ceylon National Congress. Dr.Ernest Corea (father’s older brother) was educated at S.Thomas’ and qualified as a Doctor of Medicine. Their kinsman, J.C.A.Corea, was the first Ceylonese Principal of Royal, after Mr. Bradby.

Sange, after his initial education in Chilaw entered S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia in 1947 as the third generation Thomian and was admitted to Chapman House Junior.

What follows hereafter is Sange’s narration of a journey down memory lane ...

Memories of the School by the Sea

In my time we had teachers who were matchless in their teaching methods. They, not only imparted their knowledge to the students but also maintained close working relationships whereby every boy in College respected them.

At the helm, was Warden, Rev. Canon R.S.de Saram, not second to any of his illustrious predecessors who guided the destinies of S.T.C. to make every Thomian proud to be a product of one of the best schools ! His deputy was Dr.R.L.Hayman and the teaching staff was comprised of a galaxy of dedicated teachers, one better than the other … Rev. Canon A.J.Foster, Rev.Roy H.Bowyer Yin, Rev. & Mrs J.H.Barnabas, C.H.Davidson, S.J.Anandanayagam, N.E.M.Budd Jansze, C.R.Wise, Brookie D’Silva, L.A.H.Arndt, F.J.Senaratne, K.Nesiah, V.P.Cooke, R.F.A.Mendis, C.S.Weerasinghe, D.S.Jayasekera, J.H.S.Peiris, O.A.Abeynaike, Edwin Ranawaka, D.F.David, R.B.Wijesinha, B.E.W. Jehoratnam, Abraham T.Kovoor, V.J.Hensman, J.E.M.Fernando, Rev.L.G.B.Fernando, W.D.Pinto-Jayawardena, C.Coparahewa, G.L.Jinadasa, Arisen Ahubudu, V.P.Muttiah, V.D.Burder, E.N.Devadasan, N.P.Perera, D.N.Pereira and Miss A.E.Bay. The thoroughness of their work and their loyalty to the school won the affection and esteem of every student, parent and old boy. Those of us who had the good fortune of learning from these teachers will never ever forget them !

They left Footprints on the Sands of Time

Mr.D.S.Jayasekera, immaculately dressed at all times was liked by all. He had the knack of being in touch with his pupils long after they had left school. Once I had a telephone call from his son, Sriyan, informing me that his father was celebrating his 80th Birthday and 50th Wedding Anniversary and had included me in his list of pupils who are invited. I felt honoured because I always regarded Mr Jayasekera as being someone very special ! The grand Luncheon was held at his estate in Horana and the others who were included were :

David Peries, Gamini Fonseka, Priyantha Perera, G.K.Mandawela. We were laughing and joking and having a whale of a time reminiscing some of the things that happened in College, but were in our best behaviour each time Mr Jayasekera chose to join our group and spend some time in our company. When we finally took leave we were all sad to part company with a teacher who was an outstanding human being !

Mr.Arisen Ahubudu was seeking Ceylon Tobacco Company’s sponsorship for his drama, Sakvithi Ravana and when he and his organizers visited me they were accorded VIP treatment and his request, granted much to his delight in next to no time.

Since you asked, there are three incidents I will not forget during my school days …

The Sinhalese master was Mr Edwin Ranawaka. He was reading a text book to the class and each time he felt that an explanation was necessary he paused to do so. Suddenly the name of C.E.Victor S.Corea came up in the context of national politics and the struggle for Independence. Mr Ranawaka, paused, looked at me and asked the question, ‘Corea, kawda C.E.Victor S.Corea kiyanney ?’ Standing to attention I replied ‘Sir, a magey piya’. In the minutes that followed, Mr Ranawaka gave me a pep talk that I must follow in my father’s footsteps. After that day, Mr Ranawaka took a keen interest in my progress in class and was somewhat lenient when it came to reprimanding !

My English teacher was Mr.L.A.H.Arndt and the text book was William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Mr Arndt had observed that I was familiar with the contents from cover to cover and he was curious to know ‘how’. In explaining, I said, ‘Sir every time I did something mischievous that deserved punishment my father would ask me to take William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar from the book rack, stand behind the door and read loud, for him to hear, from where I last stopped. I knew Mark Anthony’s funeral oration from start to finish. Everyone, had a hearty laugh and Mr Arndt, in his own inimitable style said, ‘It’s no laughing matter but a lesson we must all learn from a novel art of teaching a mischievous lad !’

At the annual Sinhala Literary Society Get-together Gamini Fonseka, suggested to me that he and I should do something unusual by singing a Hindi song which happened to be the most popular of Mohomed Rafi’s film hits. Singing a Hindi song at a Sinhala Literary Society Get-together to put it mildly, was revolting and I refused to be a part of it, knowing very well that all the Sinhalese teachers will be in the audience. Gamini, wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and was confident that we could create an impact. Unable to escape, I very reluctantly agreed, wrote down the words in Sinhala, memorized and rehearsed until we thought we had hit the peak. The college hall was packed to capacity and when the time came we got on to the stage and performed like veterans ! What followed was a deafening applause and shouts of ‘one more’. We made a hasty exit because our repertoire started and ended with that one Hindi song ! When we were surrounded by friends coaxing us to sing another song and we saw our Sinhalese masters heading towards us we were wondering as to what kind of punishment will be given for singing a Hindi song at a Sinhala Literary Society Get-together. On the contrary, the masters commended us and expressed surprise at our knowledge of Hindi. They little knew that the words were written in Sinhala and memorized a countless times !!
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Default Sri Sangabo Corea By Steve de Silva Cont.

Involvement in the O.B.A.

In 1978, I came into the Executive Committee, backed by Lyn Dassenaike Snr and his vintage and was selected Treasurer of the Royal-Thomian Centenary Cricket Match in 1979 and also appointed Joint-Secretary of the Royal-Thomian Centenary Fair & Exhibition.

The Royal-Thomian Centenary Cricket Match – 1979

Being Treasurer of the Match and Joint-Secretary of the Fair & Exhibition at one and the same time, needless to say, was a gruelling task since the demands were increasing by the day with an influx of Old Boys from both schools arriving with their families from overseas, adding to the increasing turnout expected from within the country.

The Centenary Match, was the biggest social event of the year and every Old Thomian and Old Royalist with their families will not want to miss spending those 3 electrifying days at the Singhalese Sports Club. Visitors to Sri Lanka were told that if one had not seen the Randoli Perahera in Kandy and the Royal-Thomian Cricket Match in Colombo, such an individual cannot claim to have seen Sri Lanka ! The Centenary Match was a historic event and there were in addition to the Old Boys, cricket enthusiasts who were adding to the record number expected.

To find chairs that would correspond to the number of tickets printed was indeed a Herculean task and a time consuming exercise. Since the Chairman, Alex Wijesinha (S.T.C) and Secretary, Tissa Guneratne (R.C) were both senior members of the joint- committee and I was a ‘fresher’, I tried my best not to burden them with problems that I could solve with some extra effort. I must have walked the roads and by-lanes in Maradana, Slave Island and Moratuwa looking for suppliers of chairs for days and weeks, and using all my skills in salesmanship to bring down the charges to an affordable price !

To me, this was an acid test and there was no question of giving up. I always kept reminding myself that in solving every issue I had to have the interests of the two schools foremost in my mind … that profitability was a major factor.

The biggest problems I envisaged where the match was concerned were spectator invasions into the playing area and damage caused to chairs, cutting down our profits. With the support of SP Gaffoor and ASP Lal Ratnayake I was able to introduce some counter measures which to a great extent minimised both problems.

Cigarette advertisements

The year I left Lever Brothers (Ceylon) Limited and joined Ceylon Tobacco Company it happened to be year I was Chairman of the Royal-Thomian match. Striking a reasonable balance between smoking issues and company policy was the most difficult part of my job. Even though new to the job I came to the logical conclusion that since the Royal-Thomian was a match played between two schools, the company should abstain from advertising cigarettes at the match. Following the dictates of my conscience I consulted the Marketing Director, Ernie Weerasinghe (a staunch Royalist) and got his consent to mask the giant cigarette packs displayed on both sides of the scoreboard during the 3 days of the match. I felt it was a moral obligation on the part of the company not to expose schoolboys to cigarette advertising at the S.S.C. The job was done with scarcely anyone noticing it. Not even the Minister of Health, Dr Ranjith Atapattu noticed it until his attention was drawn to it, prompting him to remark that CTC had taken a meaningful step in the right direction.

Royal-Thomian Cricket Match 1988

In 1988, when S.Thomas’ was heading for an exciting victory Old Thomian Gayan Fernando was able to produce an elegant metal badge with the Thomian Crest in the centre and a circular panel which had the message I WAS THERE IN ’88 on top and THOMIAN VICTORY at the bottom. Over a 1000 badges were delivered to me, just in the nick of time for me to pin the very first badge on Thomian skipper Bulankulame, before the presentation of Awards. The next 2 were handed to the Warden and Principal and the rest distributed amongst the unending stream of spectators who wanted the badge as a souvenir ! My good friend Mahinda Illangage, a die-hard Royalist, has still not got over the shock of being a witness to this unexpected Thomian gimmick !!


As 3 times Chairman of the big match I had more than my fair share of problems, but one that struck me forcefully was when the security on duty, hurriedly came looking for me to say that some Old Boys were demanding to speak with the Chairman of the match. When I met them at the entrance the spokesman for the group, a hard hitting agressive young Old Boy complained that their band was not allowed to enter. His argument was that the members of his band had tickets and as such they had the licence to enter. I listened patiently and said “Yes they have a right to enter but not with their musical instruments” and went on to explain that the newspapers in the past few days had carried a prominent Notice stating that bands have been assigned specific areas and they need to be stationed in those areas by 9.00 a.m. the latest. Since 11’oclock, was long past the deadline the No Entry rule was in force. “Stick to the rules and make sure that you bring your band before 9 tomorrow and you will have no problem” I assured him. The young man’s reaction was a menacing stare with the retort “Do you know who I am ?” Very sternly I replied “I am not interested in knowing who you are. I have a job to do and I expect you as an Old Boy of your school to cooperate with me. If you don’t, you will get to know from what kind of a background I come from, and that’s for sure “. He snapped back with his voice raised “I am Mr ………………..’s son and I am bringing my band in whether you like it or not” he said. I replied, “I didn’t know that Mr ………………., holding a position of responsibility had a son who was not willing to play by the rules and if you think you can use your father’s name to scare me I will show you what I can do by talking to your father.” “Do you know my father ?” he asked. “Just wait and see” I told him and before I could bat an eyelid he and his companions were gone !

50-Over Royal-Thomian Cricket Match

When the joint committee in 2009 were looking at ways and means of increasing the number of spectators for the 50-Over Match I proposed a promotion which came in the form of a 50-Over Match Ticket stapled to every Big Match Ticket at a ‘give-away price’ and the net result was that the turn out for the 50-Over game was unprecedented !

Playing the role of Secretary – O.B.A.

When I took over as Honorary Secretary of the O.B.A. in 1980 I looked at ways and means of organizing events that would bring the O.B.A. membership together in greater numbers. I conscientiously set about doing this with the objective of building strong relationships amongst the increasing numbers that were joining the O.B.A. each year.

I was in constant touch with the Medarata Branch of the O.B.A. whose live wire was George Mant and later Dr.Sarath Kapuwatte, Ashley Herath and K.I.de Silva of the Negombo Branch and G.V.Punchinilame, Sarath Muttewegama and Nanda Ellawala of the Sabaragamuwa Branch. The Ruhunu Branch was also inaugurated with Dr.W.Dahanayake as the Guest-of-Honour. It was a treat visiting these branches and participating in their activities. I remember the Medarata O.B.A. organizing a fellowship nite after the Trinity-Thomian Rugger Match which even surprised the Old Trinitians !

My association with the O.B.A. and my passion to activate the O.B.A. resulted in my getting thoroughly involved with all its traditional events and in addition the new ones I introduced into its Calendar of Events.

Personal Involvement

v Elected Member of the Executive Committee of the O.B.A.

v Treasurer – Centenary Royal-Thomian Cricket Match

v Joint Secretary – Royal-Thomian Centenary Fair & Exhibition

v Secretary – 101st Royal-Thomian Cricket Match

v Three times Chairman – Royal-Thomian Cricket Match

v Joint Secretary – Thomian Fair

v Organizer – Trade Stalls at 3 Thomian Fairs

v Five times Chairman – Thomian Nite

v Twice Chairman – Dinner to felicitate Distinguished Old Thomians

v Chairman – Inter-Dormitory Good Housekeeping Contest

v Organizer – Tsunami Proj

v Chairman – Sports Festival – O.B.A. Week

New Membership Register

Taking over as Honorary Secretary of the O.B.A. in 1980, the first course of action I took was to start up a new Membership Register updating all the facts and figures connected with every single Member of the O.B.A. Thanks to the magnanimous gesture of Messrs M.D.Gunasena & Co it turned out an elegantly bound Membership Register with provision for me to handprint the relevant information.

The Annual Circular to the O.B.A.

The next course of action was to design a new O.B.A. circular to the membership which went out in the form of a Brochure furnishing all the information that Old Boys needed to have about the year’s activities and in my message I referred to the O.B.A. as ‘a God-given Gift to S.Thomas’.’

David G.Selvaratnam immediately wrote back

Dear Sange,

This programme I find, has been neatly printed unlike the type of thing we received in the past. I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the good work done as Hony.Secretary of the O.B.A. and wish you all success in your future endeavours.

From the very first meeting of the Executive Committee I changed the format of presenting the Minutes by introducung an ACTION column whereby each individual whose name appeared in the column had to report of action taken.

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Default Sri Sangabo Corea By Steve de Silva Cont.

Car Sticker

An attractive full-colour Car Sticker which featured the Thomian Crest with the words Great to be a Thomian in an attractive flash design was the first of its kind to be launched. Amitha Abeysekera in his column in the Sunday Island made special mention of the sticker as something that every Thomian would proudly want to stick on the windscreen of his car. The sticker was so much in demand that stocks were exhausted in next to no time and a re-print was launched with Be thou Forever.

O.B.A. Festival of Sports

As Secretary, I was anxious to create opportunities for those connected with the College to get-together in a spirit of Fellowship. With this in mind, I organized a Festival of Sports in which Old Boys and Present Boys, Fathers and Sons, Mothers and Sons, Old Boys and Wives, Teachers and Students and even the Minor Staff actively participated. It was an overwhelming success !

O.B.A. Garden Tea Party

The traditional Garden Party which was defunct was revived after several years following a discussion I had with Warden Illangakoon with a request that Sub-Warden, Rev.Duleep Chickera be requested to organize it. Rev.Chickera, willingly agreed and produced a garden party that is still being talked about !

Inter-Dormitory Good House-Keeping Contest

When Warden Illangakoon complained of a steadily deteriorating condition of the Boarding House due to neglect I introduced the Inter-Dormitory Good House-Keeping Contest offering the Best Kept Senior Dormitory and the Best Kept Junior Dormitory 2 Trophies and 2 huge Hampers where the dorm mates of the winning dormitories could tuck into a variety of eats and drinks at the end of the Third Term. A Flying Squad of Judges, visited the dormitories 10 times in the year and awarded points on a Score Card that was designed to decide on the winner. All the dorm mates in Chapman, Miller, Copleston and Claughton were given a circular drawing every individual’s attention to the fact that they spent only 3 ½ months in the year at home whilst the major part of the year was spent in the boarding. They were requested to treat the dormitory like their home and look after it with Care and Concern at all times with attention to detail in Cleanliness and Neatness. All what the dorm mates had to do was simply ask their parents to supply their basic needs such as sandpaper, polish, varnish, paint, glass cleaner, scourers, disinfectant, air fresheners, mops, dust pans and brushes to do a weekly shramadana during the week-end and transform the dormitory to a meticulously maintained apartment. The results were amazing ! The window bars were painted, the glass panels were spotless, the beds were neatly arranged, the bags and the shoes kept in an orderly fashion and the toilets were clean and smelling nice of air freshners. The only snag was that whenever I visited the College to attend to other O.B.A. matters the news would spread to the four corners of the college campus that Sangabo Corea was on a Judging Visit and warned everyone to rush and tidy the dormitory promptly !

Thomian Fair

I was asked by Mr S.K.Wicremesinghe and Mrs Siva Obeyesekere to run the Dance Hall in the Thomian Fair of 1986. The bands which were led by Old Thomians were given pride of place on the bandstand to play each night to a capacity crowd. ‘Blow Up’ was the name given to the dance hall which was held in the dining hall. On the opening night, the Blow-Up was such a huge success that the College Hall which featured karate exhibitions was stopped for want of an audience and I was requested to organize a second Dance Hall to accommodate the spill over from the Blow-Up ! The snap decision brought in the desired results, surpassing our expectations !

Trade Exhibition at Thomian Fair’86

I also had the pleasure of combining with Nihal Sri Ameresekere and persuading more than the targeted number of Trade Stalls to participate in the Thomian Fair when a request was made by the Chairman, Mr.S.K.Wickremesinghe to make good the shortfall when the targeted number had not been reached. Between Nihal and myself we were able to exceed the target !

An S.T.C. Humanitarian Project

Following the Tsunami my son-in-law, Kishan Jayewardene who is a die-hard Old Thomian and my daughter, Sharmini, residing in Ohio, U.S.A. decided to collect a 20 foot container of brand new school requirements and send them over to be distributed amongst school children who had lost their belongings in the Tsunami. Sharmini appeared on national television and appealed to viewers to donate new items that school children would need and deliver them to her house in Ohio. Press and Television gave maximum publicity and the net result was that the basement in her house was full of school requirements ready to be shipped to Sri Lanka. The container load was offered to Warden David Ponniah after I cleared the contents with a duty waiver. The Thomians, had the joy of distributing the best of brand new school items amongst school children affected by the tsunami under the supervision of the Warden and the Staff in a school that the College was adopting, down South.

Thomian Nite

One of the main attractions of Thomian Nite was the Grand Raffle we organized with the First Prize being a Return Air Ticket to London with One Week’s Stay hosted by the Old Thomians of London. The balance 11 prizes were all electric household appliances donated by Old Boys and Well Wishers. Tickets were sold by the book and a record income was achieved through the sale of raffle tickets inside the Colombo Hilton Ballroom !

Being Secretary of the O.B.A.

I have been three times Secretary of the O.B.A. … elected to serve 2 full terms and for the 3rd time appointed by Warden Ponniah, in the absence of a Secretary.

Though tiring, I thoroughly enjoyed serving the membership, always having the interests of the O.B.A. foremost in my mind.

Once when Mr Brookie D’Silva was on a short holiday in Sri Lanka he contacted me and suggested that we meet before he left for Australia. He was even more friendlier that he used to be and we talked of what the O.B.A. was involved in. There was one thing that I wanted to do for the school before my term as Secretary ended … to arrange a Twinning Programme between a foreign school and S.Thomas’. When I talked of the numerous benefits the two schools would derive out of an exchange of students and teachers Mr D’Silva got interested and said he would arrange the College he was working for in Australia to twin with S.T.C. At the end of our meeting he was as enthusiastic as I was to make this a reality. Unfortunately the plans did not materialize due to Mr D’Silva’s health problem and his demise.

Whenever I happened to meet Old Thomians in Sri Lanka or overseas I was treated with utmost respect which gave me the personal satisfaction that as Secretary I had lived up to their expectations. My wife whose four brothers were all Thomians often remarked in passing that I was married to S.Thomas’ but never made it an issue ! Whenever a Chapmanite living abroad came on holiday to Sri Lanka almost all the dorm mates, met at dinner with a ‘sing along’ thrown in with Sidat Sri Nandalochana on the keyboards and the rest of us exercising our vocal chords !

I was once traveling in a bus in Hawaii when a young gentleman got up from his seat, walked up to me to ask whether I was Sri Sangabo Corea. He was an undergraduate in the University of Hawaii and said that he got himself enrolled in the O.B.A. when I was the Secretary. On the very next day I was pleasantly surprised to receive a telephone call from yet another Old Thomian inviting me and my wife to dinner, hosted by Old Thomians in and around the university. In Canada, where my nephew, Kumaru Wijesundera was President of the Old Thomians Association the fellowship nite he organized was fantastic and his basement was like a mini night club with Old Thomians playing in a six-piece band.

Taking over from Sange I thought of quoting what Warden de Alwis had to say about Sange’s service to the O.B.A. in letters written to him …

“This is a personal note to thank you very much for all the hard work you put in to run the 1989 Royal-Thomian successfully. I fully appreciate all the difficulties you had to face in the organization of the match.” – Warden W.M.N.de Alwis

Warden Neville de Alwis’s letter to Sange at the end of his stewardship as Secretary speaks for itself …

My dear Sangabo,

I wish to convey my personal thanks to you for the services you rendered as Secretary of the Old Boys’ Association. Your loyal and dedicated service for 5 years has I am sure been appreciated by all Old Boys. It is my sincere wish that you will return to serve the Association again.

Yours Sincerely

Neville de Alwis


I would like to end this article with

Sri Sangabo Corea’s concluding remarks …

“ Whilst spending countless hours spread through several years in serving the Old Boys’ Association of S.Thomas’ College, I have gained something which has been of priceless value which doubtless stood me in good stead throughout life.”

With my personal thanks to Sange

Steve de Silva
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