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DSA Era Group 1959 to 1976, those under Wardens Davidson, Selveratnam and Annadanayagam

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Old 24-07-09, 06:37 PM
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Default TEAchers Felicitation Ceremany 4th Dec.2008

STCML Teachers Felicitation
This article includes extracts from the following newspapers The Sunday Nation 30 Nov 2008 and Daily News of 22
December 2008)
40 teachers from the Davidson, Selvaratnam and Anandanayagam Era (DSA - Era) of S. Thomas College were
felicitated on December 4, at the Sasakawa Hall, Colombo 3. Four teachers who had served over 40 years N.B.
Arputharaj, Russel Bartholameuz, Ms.Lorna Mendis and U.P. Kalupahana and four others, Arisen Ahubudu, C.
Coperahewa, G.K. Mandawala and W.G. Sugathadasa were felicitated for their immense contribution to the college and
students. The other staff members felicitated included Ms M.L. Fernando, Ms Doreen Warasakoon, Siri Edirisinha,
J.Waidyasiri, M.S.Brodie, E.P.Abeysekera, Jackson Karunaratne, Daniel Edirisinha, Dr.Frank Jayasingha, S.Kodikara
and our very own Rev. Baldwin Daniel
The Organising Committee comprising of distinguished old
boys of Keseralal Gunasekera, Sriyan Jayasekera, Ananda
Welikala, Capt. D.J. Amerasuriya, Suresh Solomon, Brindley
De Zilwa, Shantha Weerakoon, and Air Vice-Marshal G.Y.
De Silva made this memorable event a great success.
Freelance Journalist Rohan Mathes, a classmate of mine
states in the Daily News Teachers were the ladders. They
had held strong until their flock ascended them and sought
their own destinies and fortunes. Teachers remained,
rejoicing over their pupils achievements, as they moved on.
In appreciation of their yeoman services rendered to their
student population, spread over a period of more or less three
decades, the Teachers were presented hampers, gift vouchers
and cash contributions.
Mathes further states Some of them (teachers), actively participated by making eloquent and inspiring speeches to the
August gathering. They reminisced their formal and informal encounters, pleasant as well as unpleasant memories and
experiences they had with their erstwhile students. These contributions undoubtedly brought a tear of joy in to the eyes
of the students who watched and listened to them with great affection, admiration, love and enthusiasm. Overjoyed by
the sentiments expressed by the Teachers, the students too, responded with their Anecdotes and their fitting tributes to
the Teachers, who at some point in time in their teaching careers, had been viewed as adversaries by the students. The
alumnus nevertheless, in one voice, confessed that the Teachers had always been right, and they had been reprimanded
for their wrongdoings, which if not identified and rectified then, they would never have attained the prestigious
positions they hold now.
Subsequently, based on the interactions with the teachers, a group of Old Boys have concluded that some of the teachers
have very little disposable income to cater to their basic needs. Currently, four teachers have been identified as needing
ongoing financial assistance. Therefore, a Trust Fund is to be formed, which will be administered independently of the
OBA by Old Boys of professional integrity. More information will be available in the next issue of the Thomiana.
Jayampathy (Pajjo) Silva
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Old 27-01-17, 10:49 AM
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Default 2nd TEAchers Felicitation Ceremany 4th Dec.2008



4th December 2008.

It is a privilege to salute you fellow Thomians. For, you are, who you are today not only as an individual but also as a person who went to the greatest school of all in the whole of Asia. As our former Warden Rev. W A Stone rightly put it " St. Thomas' College is much more than a school. It is rich in tradition, characterized by nearly one and half centuries of hard work dedication and achievement all imbedded with the legendary Thomian spirit."

Being part of that great spirit, you have become someone of worth today, holding responsible positions, working in reputed companies and being in positions of power and trust. If you take a moment to look back in time, you have achieved great heights, perhaps much more than you envisaged when you were a school boy clad in blue shorts and while short sleeved shirt. How great it was to go up one form every year, being impatient to grow up and be somebody one day? And today you are that somebody whose walls are filled with framed certificates and cabinets with trophies and loved by family, respected by subordinates and awed by peers. It was a long and hard journey, wasn't it? But it was worth it, you will agree.

As you climbed that ladder of success, silently watching you was another group which till this day are mighty proud of your achievements; your beloved teachers. Yes, the very same ones whom you rebelled against; gave funny nick names and tried to out smart. And perhaps in a fleeting moment you thought that they were the ones who held that ladder for you to climb on to the top. WRONG! Our teachers themselves WERE the ladders. They held strong till all of us climbed over,for them to find our own destinies and fortunes. They stayed back in the very same place rejoicing our successes as we moved on. They were the ladders without which you would not be sitting in front of this computer and reading this e mail. Just think about the contributions they have made in your life often going above and beyond their line of duty. You are ,who you are thanks to the dedication, devotion and the determination on their part not to have given up on a wretch like you.

So, being thoroughly encouraged by the success of the felicitation ceremony we held last year for our beloved teachers, we are making plans to felicitate 38 teachers from the Davidson, Selvaratnam & Anandanayagam Era, DSA- Era, this year too. We are calling on the Thomians from the DSA era but every Thomian is invited to participate. The date is 4th day of December 2008 and the Venue is the Sasakawa Hall. Parking facilities available at Prep School.
We are hoping to shower them with gift hampers along with gift vouchers and cash contributions to show them how much we value them. Especially four teachers Mr.N.B.Arputharaj, Mrs. Lona Mendis, Mrs.U.P.Kalupahana & Mr Russel Batholameuz who have over 40 years of service will be gifted with
Rs.50, 000/= each. Similarly four others Mr.Arisen Ahubudu, Mr. C. Coperahewa, Mr. G.K. Mandawala and Mr.W.G.Sugathadasa will be felicitated for the enormous contribution made to College and the students.We know that even if we felicitate them for the rest of our lives, it can never equal the selfless ways in which they have molded us into real men. We think that for a teacher, there is no greater bliss than being loved by his students. And we are determined to give them that bliss in abundance.

Therefore, we invite you to be a part of this very august ceremony, by being there on the 4th of December at 6.30 p.m. as well as by making generous contributions to bring a little tear of joy and a smile of surprise to the faces of these very unique individuals without whom we would have been nobody of worth. DINNER TICKETS PRICED AT RS 2000/= part of which will be utilised to buy Gift Vouchers for the teachers.COST OF DISPLAYING A BANNER AT THE VENU IS RS.15,000/=.


So pledge your support and participation to honour these role models of our lives. "Live for St. Thomas'. Do anything for her when you are asked to do it. If necessary, die for her"
Reverend W A Stone (Warden 1901 -1925)

Please contact the following organising committee members for more information

S.V.D .Kesarralal Gunasekera Tel.0773436936.

Air Vice Marshal.G Y De Silva Tel.0722440838.

Ananda Welikala Tel.0772755030

Suresh Solomon Tel.0773936363

Brindley De Zilwa Tel.0772774495

Shantha Weerakoon Tel.0777858710

Capt. D S Amarasuriya Tel.0772842067

Sriyan Jayasekera Tel.0775775107.

On behalf of the organising committee
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Default Teachers who attended the 2nd Felicitation on 4/12/2008.

Teachers who have completed 40 years or more.
Special Award.


1.Mr. N.B. Arputharaja.
2.Mrs.Lona Mendis.

Teachers who have made an enormous contributions. Special Award.


1..Mr.Arisen Ahubudu.





4.Miss.Ila Mendis.

5.Mrs.Doreen Warasakoon.

6.Mrs.Lona Mendis.

7. Mrs. R.Samual.
8. Miss. Nalini Jayasuriya.

9Prof. Vini Vitharana,


12.Mr.Arisen Ahubudu




16.Mr.Siri Edirisinha



21.Mr.Daniel Edirisinha.
22.Mr.Asoka Weerasinghe.
23.Mr.Ananda Weerasekera.
24.Mr.Lal De Mel.
25.Mrs.Dorathy Sri Murugan.
26.Mr.Shuja Cassim.
28.Mrs.Rani Perera.
30.Dr.Frank Jayasingha.
33.Mrs.Chithra Jayawardena.
35.Mr.Nimal Jayawardena.

39. Mr.S.Kodikara.
40. Rev. Baldwine Daniel.
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