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Default Mrs Malinee Hurulle

To. The STC Freshmen of 59 Group,

Dear Themiya,

Please accept my deepest sympathies on the passing away of your dear mother.

May she attain nirvana.

kind regards


For our members information, given below is the funeral details.

HURULLE, Malinee (nee Galagoda). Beloved wife of the late E.L.B. Hurulle. Mother of Maya, Deepthi, Themiya, Vajira and Kanishka. Mother in law of late Lee Madawala and of Harindra Dunuwille, Premalal Galagoda, Shalini, Pia and Dilshara.
Remains will lie at A. F. Raymonds funeral parlour on Saturday 25 February from 9 a.m. onwards. Cremation on Sunday 26 February at 11.30 a.m. at Borella Kanatte. (No flowers by request.)

Appreciation: Mrs Malinee Hurulle - The most gracious lady I ever knew -

See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Ap....L8SrAiVN.dpuf

I came to know the distinguished Hurulle family from my early days of schooling at S.Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia . Themiya Hurulle former MP & Subject Minister , is my very dear friend and classmate .
As classmates we used to visit Themiya at their Stanmore Crescent residence , where we met his family often . His father Hon E L B Hurulle , Uncle Edwin to us , was the Minister of Communications in the mid 1960s . A thorough , simple gentleman par excellence and a highly respected UNP political colossus .
Mrs Hurulle , Aunty Malinee to us , was always a very forthright, motherly personality , full of righteous advice and absolute dignity . She ran house and domestic affairs to sheer perfection , balancing visitors from all walks of life . She was undoubtedly the wind beneath the wings of Uncle Edwin . Their constituents from the North East and Horowapothana were personally well treated , quite contrary to the manner prevailing at present . Having seen it at the highest levels of respectability , I find it difficult to adjust otherwise.

Aunty Malinee was a very elite lady , a loving wife , a devoted mother and a gracious host , who never went overboard . There was much to learn and we were fortunate to see it as teenagers
Uncle Edwin has his family circle roots deeply embedded to ancient history associated with the arrival and guardianship of the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi Anuradhapura. The responsibilities and obligations in this regard for the entire district was full filled by him and Aunty without any glamour and publicity .
Aunty Malinee , a Miss Galagoda has her family roots deeply embedded in the historical Kandyan Kingdom reign and the very select nobles administering the Sacred Temple of the Tooth in Kandy in that period . I need not elaborate further as I am well aware that the Hurulle family circle born to maternal and paternal ancestral aristocracy , are not one bit carried away by High Office or Power .
The result of the matrimony of the Hurulle and Galagoda family , was a blessing . Their children Maya , Deepthi , Themiya , Vajira and Shanaka , stood out with equal dignity in their exemplary ways . Whether or not uncle Edwin was a Minister hardly made a change to the dignified Hurulle family domestic life style. The Hurulle residence was always quiet, well mannered - a serene home with nothing out of line . The unwanted loud fanfare was unheard of . We respected that culture at all times and were always affectionately received . There was never misuse of State assets by them . They never chased behind fame though fame came in search of them . I recall some buses carrying a slogan in North.East . Horowapotana ,

“ E L B samaa wenna , nevatha aasanaya baaraganna”

some months after he lost the Horowapothana seat for the only time , in the landslide of 1970 . His return to Parliament was with another thumping majority , retained till retirement .
I recall exemplary ways of Aunty Malinee worthy of grateful rememberance. When Uncle Edwin was the Minister of Communications with the CGR under his Ministry , Themiya and a few classmates went by train to Anuradhapura in the mid 1960s . To drop us at the Fort Railway Station , Aunty Malinee came to the station platform as any other normal citizen . We boarded the train as ordinary passengers . The word had gone around that Mrs Hurulle was present and many station officials came rushing to her . She most politely thanked and excused them with a view not to disturb them in their duties.
What a change from present climes ! When I was going to West Germany for my hotel management training , she invited me to their Paget Road residence for tea and gave me motherly advice for almost an hour of what is expected from children coming from well respected homes ( ref qualities, matrimony etc ) . They were pearls of wisdom . Uncle Edwin had stayed back to wish me . He listened very attentively and seconded the advice . My mother’s advice to me with my father was also on similar lines . Regular visits to both our homes brought my parents and family very close to the Hurulle family.

We were well treated when we visited their home in Hantane Kandy , after they retired from active politics and diplomatic service . Aunty and Uncle were both full of affectionate advice to my two children , as they had done for me ~ very pleasant memories . When uncle Edwin was quite ill and warded in Kandy , I visited him a few times in Hospital . On one visit when asked by his family if he could recognize me , he promptly mentioned my name and asked about our family . Myself and family will continue to remember dear Aunty and Uncle most affectionately. .
Aunty Malinee being a conservative lady and a disciplinarian on principle , did not send her daughters or a niece alone by car with a driver . The brothers or their dear relative Saliya Ranawana had to take turns to accompany them and stay on. At times she requested us to accompany them with Themiya and Vajira , to learn family obligations early in life . My mother was very similar and I soon began to understand the similarities and the need . It was indeed a learning for a life time and beyond .
Themiya never forgot his exemplary parental upbringing.

My father was one of the 75 Founder Members of the UNP along with my maternal grandfather . When my father expired in 1994 ,Themiya as a Hon MP and a UNP Subject Minister gave the funeral motorcade a special escort from the southern province entrance at the Bentota Bridge right up to our Estate residence in Baddegama , to convey his respect . Our family is indeed deeply touched by it . On one of my parents visit to UK when I was also there , we were lovingly hosted by genial Themiya and versatile Shalini in their house in Swiss Cottage . I was glad to visit them a few times in UK . Themiya was a regular visitor in hospital , when I had undergone critical surgery few years back , continuing his esteemed sincerity . Aunty Malinee was very pleased when I informed her .
The Hurulle family was blessed with the marriages of their children to high respectability and acclaim . They all continue to be untarnished in their sincere ways , with a touch of permanent class , which is rather rare these days . I am glad that I did attend the funeral of Aunty Malinee , much against strict medical advice, as I was badly indisposed and confined to bed rest . Had I not gone to pay my final respect , I would have carried a guilt for a life time.

Aunty Malinee was like a mother to me - full of firm advice on important issues and personal matters . I enjoyed talking gentlemen politics pertaining to the Legislative Council , State Council and Parliament with uncle Edwin and Aunty . My family also has a political dynasty. from the South . Uncle Edwins kinsman Bulankulame Dissawe and my maternal grandfather Simon Abeywickrama were in the Colonial Legislative Council and contemporaries in the State Council and later in the Ceylon Parliament , as Paliamentary Secretaries . It is now a 4th generation family friendship . I could say that animosity, jealousy, dishonesty , hatred etc , does not exist in the Hurulle family circle.
The distinguished gathering at the funeral and the kind words spoken by the Buddhist Clergy , was a fitting farewell to the gracious , traditional Kandyan Lady, who led a very exemplary long life to the end . In my appreciation I affectionately referred to dear Uncle and family circle with admiration as a tribute to Aunty Malinee , because the high ethos portrayed , has arisen from exemplary parentage and many decades of solid upbringing . The family circle also has contributed very usefully to society in many ways, bringing credit to their parents and ancestry in return .
Deepest sympathies of our family here and abroad to the Hurulle family circle on their sad loss . May the merit gathered in life long generous acts of charity and great benevolence , bless Aunty Malinee and Hon Uncle Edwin to attain the eternal supreme bliss of Nibbana .
I bow with revered respect and eternal gratitude .

“ Rupang jeerathi majjanang ~ Naama goththang najeerathi” Milinda

- See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Ap....L8SrAiVN.dpuf

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