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Old 17-07-09, 07:06 PM
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Default Rev Baldwin Daniel

I write to share some good news with you. Thanks to the magnanimous generosity of Mr Grigson I have managed to meet most of the objectives outlined below. That said, I would like to personally thank each of you for whatever you may have tried to do in this regard. As I did mention it is relatively easy to ‘ask,’ but quite the opposite to actually deliver.

You now know that Baldwin will be mobile to a degree in Sri Lanka and might use this information to try and arrange any intended function accordingly.

The initiative in Australia went off very well indeed. Some of the printed material can now be viewed 24 / 7 / 365 on:


The event brought back many good memories of our misspent youth, and the feedback received to date has been encouraging. Baldwin was quite overwhelmed and we felt blessed to be able to participate, so long after STC, in such a wonderful event.

Attached is a Word doc that is viewed best in PRINT LAYOUT view.

I have listed a more recent schedule that I received a few days ago.

Take care and kind regards,

Milroy Berenger

Sydney – Australia


He will arrive in Colombo on 14th November on SQ466 at 1150

He will be going to India on Dec 11th on UL 131 at 0720 and will return to Colombo on Dec 28th on UL134 at 1540

He will leave Colombo (to return to Melbourne via Singapore) on January 23rd on SQ 467 at 1305

While in Colombo, he will be staying at the home of Dr & Dr (Mrs) Lalith (& Selvie) Perera, at 69/3 Green Path, Colombo 7. Their phone number is 2699499

Dear GY, Sriyan, Arun and Renga,

The presentation to Rev Daniel went off like a dream. The air was heavy with history and the special Souvenir capped the proceedings nicely. In fact I am sure the absence of a Souvenir would have been rather deafening. Thanks to the broth that we have all been nurtured in, we do have a feeling for history and tradition, and it certainly adds to the flavour in a wholesome manner. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church at Nobel Park in Melbourne. The STC OBA put up a grand show and the Burghers of Nobel Park embraced the “ Tis good Lord to be here…” event with feeling. David Sansoni did an excellent job compiling the Souvenir.

Rev Daniel will be flying to Colombo on November 14th 2008 and be in Sri Lanka till 23rd January 2009. He is coming to see his sister and her family. They live about 8 miles away from the cricket ground in Dambulla. That being that, I was wondering whether a group of Old Thomians who are in or, associated with the car hire sector would consider the following ?

Try to organize a car for a week (each) at a subsidized rate for Baldwin. Ideally to cover week 1 and 2 at the start, then 2 weeks in the latter part of December leading into the New Year and finally two weeks at the end of his holiday. A total of 6 weeks. Perhaps if 4 or 5 Old Boys shared it amongst themselves it would be less of a challenge.
Try to do it in such a way that Baldwin will have a pick up at the airport at the start and a drop off to the airport at the end.
His principal place of stay is with his sister and BIL Arnold & Felicia Mendis at 297 Danduyaya Galewela. Telephone 0011 94 66 228 7160
Pick up 14th November 2008 and drop off 23rd January 2009

I am aware that this email might reach you at a time in your life when matters of this nature are a hindrance and a burden. Please feel completely free to ignore this request. It is easy to send out an email with requests that take considerable time and sacrifice to deliver. Not for the writer but for the receiver. That said, I felt that each of you would want to be aware of the information I am giving you, and I am sure you will respond if you can help, in any shape or form. Perhaps a 6 week period might not be feasible considering the price of fuel but a lesser period may be possible. I am sure that Baldwin is happy to pay but his means are limited and any savings we can generate will go a long way on his limited means.

Has the Rev asked me to do this? Have I got his permission to do this? No. I am acting off my own bat.

If you are able to help I can co-ordinate with Rev Daniel. His direct phone number is 00 61 3 9563 2095 – Melbourne.

Attached is a file that may bring a smile.


Milroy Berenger

Sydney – Australia

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Old 07-02-11, 04:04 PM
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Default Rev Baldwin Daniel.

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Old 07-02-11, 06:25 PM
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Default A new Thomian initiative...starting Tuesday November 4 2008

From: BERENGER, Milroy (CALYON) <milroy.berenger@au.calyon.com>
Date: Oct 30, 2008 8:43 AM
Subject: A new Thomian initiative...starting Tuesday November 4 2008 AKA Melboure Cup Day in Australia - when the race that stops a nation is run.

Dear Friends,

On Sunday Aug 10th 2008, after the Transfiguration Service at St Aidan's, Noble Park (Melbourne Australia) a commemorative 'tea' was held, to celebrate Rev. Baldwin Daniel, former Chaplain of STC. 'Father Baldwin' counts 52 years in the sacred ministry of the Anglican Church and will celebrate his 80th birthday in December. On this occasion, a lovingly compiled souvenir was presented to the reverend gentleman. This souvenir is rich in Thomian history, containing memories and anecdotes from a large and representative group of past-pupils, colleagues, friends and well-wishers.

Via an innovative and unique arrangement, a copy of this precious record can be yours:

OFFICE WORKS in Melbourne have collaborated with the STC OBA, to give you the opportunity to own your personal copy of the "BALDWIN SOUVENIR"

Cost A$ 18.00 per copy starting Tuesday November 04 2008

Available at OFFICE WORKS in MELBOURNE at:

(The City (107 Elizabeth Street),




Glen Waverly

May this initiative be the start of many more to follow from a range of community organisations in the years to come.

We would like to thank all our writers, David Sansoni our editor and Mr Tony Eatwell from Office Works for playing key roles in making this project a reality.

Esto Perpetua!

Milroy Berenger

(STC 1960 – 1972)

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Old 04-05-15, 07:00 AM
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Default Vale Father Baldwin Daniel

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I was informed this morning and now share with you the sad news that Revd. Father Baldwin Daniel passed away last night at Noble Manor Aged Care Home in Noble Park, Melbourne, where he had spent the past few years of his life. His calling to eternal life is sad for his many friends and family, but is a merciful release for him as he has not enjoyed good health for several years. Father Baldwin will be sadly missed, especially within the Thomian Community.

May Father Baldwin rest in peace, may light perpetual shine upon him, and may he rise again in glory.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to his family, especially his brother, Godfrey and sister-in-law, Olga and his many friends.

I understand that his funeral will be held on Thursday 9 May, 2015 at St Aidan’s Church Noble Park, Victoria, Australia.

(News courtesy of Roger Aldons)
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