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Old 12-09-16, 08:29 PM
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Default We need to locate them

To The Freshmen of .59

There are a few classmates whom we have not been able to locate. If any one of you have information about them please pass same to me.The list is given below. In order to locate them, any of their close associates names would also be helpful.

1. A.K De Silva was supposed to be in Italy.
2. D S Doole, efforts to locate him in Hambantota had failed.Dimar Sorono Doole
3. Jerome Ernst
4. J N Wiranjan Fernando
5. Gehan Ajith Fernando was from Austin place Borella was a tour guide.
6. N M D Jesudasan
7. N R Jayawardena was from Gampaha.
8 Salanko Mahadevan
9. M M L Perera
10.A K Perumaina
11. Ranjan Ponniah lives in Adelaide but does not respond to any calls.
12. H Ealien Rupasinghe had gone missing in Nigeria/Kenya.
13. Rohan Samarasinghe
14. Jitto Sittampalam
15, Ravi Appadurai 36, Tide fall Dr, Scarborough ON MIW 1J2, Canada.
tel 014167730340 does not respond.
16. M C Silva had registered in Tyretracks website but no response to my mail.

Please help me to locate them.



From: srichellappah <srichellappah@yahoo.ca>

Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 8:33 PM
Subject: Re: http://www.tyretracks.com/showthread...=3119#post3119
To: Sriyan jayasekera <stc.freshmen.of.59@gmail.com>

Hi Sriyan

Thank you for your efforts in coordinating this group's communication. I have the last known whereabouts of one member of the group and 2 additional names to be added to the group.

Ashok Peruminar - met him last in Northampton UK in 1975. I gather from the group members in Toronto that he moved to the US. Last heard of in the Los Angeles area.

Missing members
Handy Perempanayagam - lost touch with him in 1969 when I left STC

Jeyarajah? ? - similar to the above. I did see him later, once in Galle Rd Colombo 3 in 1976/77. I believe he worked in Sri Lanka then as an Air Traffic Controller. Current whereabouts are unknown.

Good luck with the search.
Kind regards.

Sri Renga. Chellappah

From: Noel Jansz <noel52@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 7:21 AM
Subject: Re: Nanayakkara

Hi Sriyan.
Great to hear from you... Trust all goes well with you and yours.
Sadly, Romaine Nanayakkara (the Buddhist priest) passed away many years ago.
I've tried to contact Mark Nanayakkara (Romaine's cousin) to find out if he is a relative of the person who has now passed away, but my email bounced back; so has changed his address.
With best wishes,

From: Yoosuf <yoosuf@shaw.ca>

Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 10:30 PM
Subject: Re: http://www.tyretracks.com/showthread...=3119#post3119
To: Sriyan jayasekera <stc.freshmen.of.59@gmail.com>

Hi Sriyan,

Just a small note for you. I looked through the list of classmates that you were trying to locate. I saw that Ravi Appadurai (15)
was in Ontario, Canada. I did a local search for him in Ontario (as you know, I am in Calgary, Alberta which is quite a way
from Ontario and about 4 hrs. flying time away).

I located his brother and got Ravi's phone number. I called and had a long chat with Ravi. He remembered you of course but
could not remember me. He explained to me that he was in the midst of several work and family issues and just did not have
time to do anything else at the moment. He is our age so he will be retiring next year and will certainly get in touch with our
group then.

I do understand and respect his wishes and don't want to make any judgements. I know sometimes work and family life can
become quite hectic and demanding in this part of the world and everyones individual situation is different. As you might recall,
when I came across Tyretracks, I reached out to you when I found out that you were looking for me. We have to remember that
each of us has different situations going on and must respect each others wishes and level of nostalgia at different times in our lives.

Ravi's brother Rohan was also a Thomian. He is a bit younger than us and also lives in Ontario, Canada. His phone number is (905)477-3959.

I was hoping to come down to SL in November but had to postpone due to a surgery that I have coming up. Hopefully, we will meet soon. Please convey
my regards to any of our classmates in Sri Lanka if you run into them.

Take care.
Warm regards.

From: Thomas Ponna Thurairatnam <tthurair@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 1:17 AM
Subject: Re: http://www.tyretracks.com/showthread...=3119#post3119
To: Sriyan jayasekera <stc.freshmen.of.59@gmail.com>

Hi Sriyan,
#15. Ravi Appadurai is definitely in Toronto and the phone contact is correct. He a quite a busy person to catch!

From: Siva Parameshwara <joy.para@hotmail.com>

Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 4:18 AM
Subject: Re: http://www.tyretracks.com/showthread...=3119#post3119
To: Sriyan jayasekera <stc.freshmen.of.59@gmail.com>
Cc: "C. Ramachandra" <c_ramachandra99@yahoo.com>

Hi Sriyan

Ravi Appadurai we are in touch. Will send details in a day or two. He stays about 10 minutes drive from my place
Siva Parameshwara

From: Arun <arundb@eureka.lk>

Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: http://www.tyretracks.com/showthread...=3119#post3119
To: Sriyan jayasekera <stc.freshmen.of.59@gmail.com>, "C. Ramachandra" <c_ramachandra99@yahoo.com>

Sriyan and Friends, Ponniah, the older brother of Rohan, Jeya and Christopher , and of his sister Jahnsi (children of George Ponniah who for a while coached College cricket) is NOT Ranjith, but rather is Ranjan Ponniah. He does live in Adelaide, and is in touch with some of the old friends, though he may choose not to be ‘in touch’ with the whole lot of those of our batch. He is married to a Miss Felthman, (Romayne?) and he is (or was) engaged in an architectural enterprise in Adelaide, where he moved to somewhere in the late 1980s.
I do not have his contact, but, there are persons who may well have his contact and do keep in touch.

Jerome Ernst is spelled that way, not ‘Earnest’. I think some people know about him in Australia.

Jitto Sittampalam…yes, from very early days he has not been in touch with anyone. His friend Keethis Loganathan is now dead, cruelly gunned down about 12 years ago; was an academic working with the Centre for Policy Alternatives. So there is not one we can ask to check. Jitto’s sister, Maya Sittampalam died of cancer about 15 years ago. Even she was not sure where her brother was. She was in England and then returned to Colombo and was involved in the early stirrings of the IT industry in this country. I was hired by her for some SLASSCOM (or its early formation under another name) events then. But, sadly, she fell ill. So, no leads on Jitto.

Ah! D.S.Doole…..Dimar Sorono Doole, an authentic East Asian name stemming from the early migrants to the east coast of Lanka. I do wonder what went with him. He was a boxer and swimmer. I have seen a photo of him with Suraj Jayawickreme and S.J. Gunasekera and H.A. ‘Anil’ Fernando in the boarders’ boxing team around 1965/66.

Sriyan, are you in touch with L.V.R. ‘Rohitha’ Perera? He is supposed to be in Australia. Engineer.

Eric Neomal de Alwis may know the whereabouts of Gehan Ajith Fernando [ G.A.F. Of Austin Place Borella]


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